Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: DeDe Westbrook

DeDe Westbrook, Oklahoma
6-0, 178
Westbrook was a three star prospect out of high school who originally committed to Texas State, but never went. He ended up at Blinn JC and blew up there out of the gate before transferring to Oklahoma.
As a junior at Oklahoma, he finished second on the team in receiving with a line of 46-743-4, and averaged 16.15 yards per grab. He exploded to lead the team in receiving as a senior in 2016, and posted a line of 80-1524-17, and averaged 19.05 yards per catch.
He also returned nine kicks as a senior for 277 yards, averaging 27.11 yards per return, and returned five punts for 81 yards and a score, averaging 16.2 yards per return there.
The Good
Plays with first rate footwork, and excels playing underneath coverage, which is good being that he may be moved to slot in the NFL.
Has speed to burn, and has moves on top of that to get free and clear in the open field. Hard to catch once he gets going.
Solid route runner, and plays with intelligence.
Has solid hands, and not much gets by him.
He is a creator in the field when plays break down for a QB. He will find a way to get open and make a play where none exists.
Does solid work on CBs lining up inside of him. Knows how to work them to the middle before cutting out to the side.
Has massive big play potential, and is an excellent tracker.
He added value as a kick and punt return man his senior season.
Not a perfect blocker, but will give it a go.
Plays bigger than he is.
The Bad
Undersized and skinny, and has measured below expectations physically.
Very thin legs, looks fragile.
He does not give it an all go on every play, and will take plays off where his head isn't into it.
His size lends to getting jammed by physical corners and safeties.
College teams did not defend him as hard as they could have based on the fact that OU did not always play physically tough defenses.
Has been accused of domestic violence, and already has two children, meaning his focus and character are not where they should be.
According to sources, he interviewed with scouts poorly, and did not attend the combine. He has already fallen off of many draft boards because of his domestic violence issues (was never convicted...shockingly), but his character concerns, like those of Joe Mixon, will affect his draft stock.
Final Overview
Not interviewing with scouts well, and having a domestic violence shadow hanging over you can really gut your career before it takes off. A lot of teams are not interested despite Westbrooks' proven talent. If not for the negatives, he may be one of the better receivers in the draft, but those character deals are off limits to so many teams, as it should be. If he can keep himself behaving, and someone spends a pick on him, he is high risk/high reward. Someone just has to want to take the risk.

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