Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: David Sharpe

David Sharpe, Florida
6-6, 343
Sharpe was a three year player at Florida, and started the last 26/27 games at LT for the Gators. He played in nine games as a freshman as a backup at tackle. Sharpe was a high school basketball star, but chose football after graduating from high school in the Jacksonville area.
The Good
Built like a brick wall of a mountain.
Long arms that do not get lost in his bulk.
Thick, powerful legs that can drive.
Solid length that belies his actual size.
Solid hand work, hands are powerful.
Knows how to stay within the frame of a defender to drive them back.
A real mauler, can destroy oncoming rushers.
Solid pull blocker for a guy his size.
The Bad
Not very flexible. More of a straight line mauler than an athletic, fluid blocker.
Does not get his pads down, can get cut under by defenders.
Bends at the waist, not at the knees.
Does not get up the field very well. Stops at the point of attack.
Footwork is not the greatest.
Final Overview
Sharpe is a pure maul blocker who is one hit and done. He will not get up the field, and isnot much on the perimeter on kick out or bubble screen blocking. I see him more suited to playing inside at guard, but he has no experience there. I would say that best case scenario is as a rotational blocker who can maul at the point of attack, but doesn't have much more in the basket. He's your guy on short yardage.

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