Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Danny Isodora

Danny Isidora, Miami
6-3, 306
After burning a redshirt season, Isidora missed 10 games as a freshman with a foot injury. He returned as a RS sophomore, and started for three solid years at RG. He was named second team All-ACC as a senior in 2016.
The Good
Exact frame NFL teams look for when it comes to the interior line.
Long arms are a plus.
Very agile, and can be a leader on pull blocks.
Can block into the second level, and seems to always be thinking a step ahead.
Solid pass protector.
Footwork is adequate.
The Bad
Plays with a wide base, which takes away from his power, and makes him vulnerable to a solid bull rush.
Gets walled up, and sometimes has a problem getting a good push off of the snap. A bit of a mauler.
Body control needs some work, especially in space.
Not a first rate run blocker, as he can get walled off and fights too much to push through.
Final Overview
If Isidora can get his base narrowed up, he may play right into a need as a pass blocking guard with plus agility. If he fails to narrow up his base and maximize his strength, he will struggle on the next level. It all comes down to that. He shows some skills to be a plus OG in the league, but he has some technical issues to iron out first.

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