Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook, Florida State
5-10, 210
Cook was a three year starter for the Seminoles, and is an early entry after coming out post his junior season. As a freshman, Cook rushed for 1008 yards and eight scores, and averaged 5.93 yards per carry on 170 total carries. As a sophomore, Cook rushed for 1691 yards and 19 TDs on 229 carries in 13 games. As a junior, his final season, Cook rushed for a career high 1765 yards and 19 more scores, bringing his three year total to 46 TDs. He averaged 6.13 yards per carry in his final season on a career high 288 carries.
The Good
His footwork is A+ material, as he keeps moving his feet in traffic and during contact.
He was the first Florida State back to rush for 1000 yards or more for three straight seasons.
He has experience in zone, gap, and power schemes, showing value for a number of different schemes and teams.
He reads his blocks like a pro, and knows how to use fluctuating and fluid situations in space.
Unlike Fournette, he is able to use quick chopping movements to elude hits and defenders and create more room to run.
He always plays his best against the best, and is not easily intimidated.
He is a solid receiver at times, and is able to create in the field.
The Bad
He has a red flag when it comes to past character flaws. Has been in trouble with the law on multiple occasions dating back to high school.
He does not run with as much power as Fournette, and tends to be more of a finesse back, and tends to favor running outside rather than hitting hard between the tackles. He goes down to tackle quickly rather than powering through them.
He does not have a great stiff arm ability, and lets plays die on the vine rather than seeking another lane or gear.
He has a fumbling issue, and has also experienced drop streaks in the passing game, which is a shame, because when he is on, he is a decent receiver.
May only be a two down back, as he is not a great blocker, and has those drop issues as a receiver.
Final Overview
As a player elevator, I tend to avoid red flag guys. Cook is a serious red flag risk, and if he goes to the wrong team, with not enough high character guys to mentor him, he will fail in this league, because he seems to be a trouble magnet. I am not a fan of players who hang out in bars during their college years, because it is too much about having a good time, and not enough about focus, and he has that issue as well.
He has a ton of talent running the football, and because of that, he will get drafted highly by a team that can overlook the off field issues, but I would let someone ese take that risk, and wait until the 3rd or 4th round to get a quality back at a steal of a price.

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