Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Curtis Samuel

Curtis Samuel, Ohio State
5-11, 186
Samuel has never been a full time starter at running back, and may still be a player that translates better as a receiver in the NFL. He played both positions for the Buckeyes. As a freshman, Samuel rushed for 383 yards and six scores. He averaged 6.6 yards per carry on 58 carries. As a sophomore, he ran for just 132 yards and one score, but averaged 7.72 yards per carry. As a junior, he ran for 771 yards on 97 carries, and scored eight times, and averaged 7.95 yards per carry. As a receiver, he posted 11-95-0 as a freshman, 22-289-2 as a sophomore, and he led the team in 2016 as a junior by posting 74-865-7.
The Good
Has first rate speed, and is a match up nightmare in the slot.
Can lineup anywhere on the field on the offensive side.
Has a quick change of direction while running routes.
Creates excellent separation as a receiver.
He can really fly in top gear, and changes gears without much effort.
Has experience in return game, adding some value as an athlete.
Can be explosive out of the backfield with great blocking.
The Bad
If he gets matched up properly, he can get jammed at the line.
He is not as fluid as you would expect, and is more a straight line guy.
He tends to make body catches rather than using his hands properly.
Played in a system offense, and really does not have a natural position.
Is not entirely athletic as a receiver, and does not adjust to the ball well.
Cannot block at all, and has never been asked to.
Final Overview
Samuel is a man without a real position. He is not a natural running back, but is not a natural WR either. He is an athlete that is a nice fit for now as a slot receiver, because that is how he translates with his skill set. He wil either be drafted in the higher rounds based on athletic potential, or he could go undrafted, and that is as wide as the opinions on him flow in the scouting community.

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