Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Corey Clement

Corey Clement, Wisconsin
5-10, 220
Clement has largely had an inconsistent career at Wisconsin, and only fully grabbed the reins of the RB job during his senior season. He played in 11 games as a freshman, and ran for 547 yards and eight TDs as a backup to Melvin Gordon. He continued in the backup role as a sophomore, and moved up from third to second in rushing with 949 yards and nine scores. He averaged 8.16 yards per carry as a freshman, and 6.46 per carry as a sophomore.
As a junior, Clement came off the rails. He played in only four games, as he lost time to a sports hernia, and then had a hand injury that was the result of him punching someone during an altercation in an elevator, and incident that he was not truthful about with the staff initially. In those four games, Clement rushed for just 221 yards, and saw his per carry average plummet to 4.6. He also only scored five times, and averaged just 55.25 yards per game.
He returned stronger as a senior, and led the team with a career high 1375 yards and 15 TDs, but his YPC averaged continued to drop like a rock to just 4.38. He did, however, finish with another career high with over 24 carries per game.
The Good
He has a built frame, and runs with severe lower power, and cannot be arm tackled or torpedoed from flying DBs.
Has very good short range cut ability, and is athletic enough to power through his moves.
He has excellent foot work traits, and can turn a few moves into a long run by evasion.
Very difficult to bring down in the open field, and can show enough burst to break free.
The Bad
The word on Clement is that he shows very poor leadership traits, and thinks that certain rules or policies do not apply to him.
While he shows solid burst, his overall speed level is not great. He generally displays one dimensional speed.
On film, he can look somewhat smaller than he is.
He is an indecisive runner at times, and can get taken down because of it.
Does not hit the hole between the tackles with authority at all times.
Does not follow blockers as well as he should, and is impatient waiting for lanes to open.
Is not a creator, and is a bull in a china shop. Shows no finesse as a runner.
Will not be useful on passing downs, and will be limited to a two down role.
Only proved to be the man in one of four years, and got a big head when he finally had his shot.
His stats in year four are reminiscent of someone on a free agent year, finally stringing it together only because everything was on the line to get paid.
Bad elevator riding partner...
Final Overview
Scouts around the NFL are tagging Clement as a bit of a character issue guy. Think Brent Moss as a comparison, but not quite that bad, just bad enough.
His overall production is spotty at best, and he seems to be too self centered to make it work on the next level. He has raw talent, and that will have someone taking a flyer on him in the middle rounds, but if you don't expect too much of him, you might not be let down.

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