Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin, Penn State
6-1, 209
Godwin came to Penn State as the Delaware high school player of the year, and played his best games in the biggest match ups of his career.
As a freshman, he posted 26-338-2, averaging 13 yards per reception, which was good for fourth on the team in receiving.
As a sophomore, Godwin shifted to becoming the leader in receiving as he posted 69-1101-5. He averaged 15.96 yards per catch.
Godwin wrapped his Penn State career after his junior season, as he posted a final tally of 59-982-11, and he averaged 16.64 yards per reception.
He was named All-Big 10 for both his sophomore and junior seasons.
The Good
Godwin is a very dependable front line receiver who took over as the leader in receiving at Penn State by his sophomore season.
He has solid posted speed at 4.42 in the 40.
Crafty and shifty in traffic.
Played his biggest games in bowls as both a sophomore and a junior, with 15 combined catches in two bowls, including nine against USC (2 TDs).
Is not afraid of contact, and will fight for yardage.
The Bad
Has never played with a top flight QB.
Penn State offense is a bit of a hybrid, and it is hard to tell where he fits in.
A bit too much dependent on his speed, and can get jammed at times or even knocked off routes.
Looks small on film, and does not necessarily play up to his measurables.
Could have used another season at Penn State, and may have come out a bit early.
Final Overview
Godwin is an emerging talent, and although he could have used another year at Penn State, he certainly is intriguing. He has rock solid speed, but is raw in other areas still, and will need some coaching up. If you can get him in the early middle rounds, he could be a long term steal, as long as you have someone on the staff, or a solid veteran core that can show him the ropes. Could be a big picture steal.

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