Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Chad Kelly

Chad Kelly, Ole Miss
6-2, 215
Kelly started his career at Clemson, but was kicked out of school due to disciplinary issues, and transferred to famed JC East Mississippi before ending up at Ole Miss.
Kelly blew onto the scene at Ole Miss like a hurricane off of the gulf in 2015, passing for 4042 yards and 31 scores, but he did toss 13 INTs. He attempted 35.2 passes per game, and completed 65.1% of his passes.
He injured his ACL in 2016, which ended his season early. He played in just nine games, passing for 2758 yards with 19 TDs and nine INTs. He completed 62.5% of his passes on 36.4 attempts per game.
The Good
Has a big arm, and loves to use it.
Believes in himself above all other things.
Is fun to watch and makes a myriad of plays.
The Bad
I have him as a 6th rounder currently, but he could go undrafted.
He is an off-field nightmare, and his temper gets the best of him. He had a ton of issues at Clemson involving fights, and getting into it with the staff, and was kicked out of the school.
He seemed to get himself together at East Mississippi, but there is an arrogance there that gives an impression that he doesn't care what people think. He had another issue last season where he ran onto the field during his brother's high school game during a fight.
As bad as his head is off-field, his on field play can be described as erratic, even if he can show some excitement at times. He makes terrible decisions with the football, which was evident in losses to Alabama and Florida State, where Ole Miss blew huge leads to lose.
Does not appear to be coachable, and is more loose cannon than anything else.
He has raw talent, but at this point, that's all he will seemingly ever have.
Was uninvited to the combine.
Was not healthy enough to run all drills at combine, even if he had appeared.
Too risky a pick.
Final Overview
Teams are running away from low character guys these days, and Kelly absolutely qualifies as low character. His hotheadedness just spins off into supernova land, and there is no getting him down from that tree. He has probably already fallen off of most boards, and he needs to figure out how to get them back. He showed a willingness to go to the combine, but the league shut him out, and has not profiled him, making him an extreme long shot, at best.

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