Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Cam Robinson

Cam Robinson, Alabama
6-6, 322
Robinson was a three year starter for the Tide, and was a five star high school All-American, and was a top five recruit coming out of high school during his recruitment period. Robinson was a freshman all-american in his first season with the Tide, and was then a consensus All-American as a junior, and was first team All-SEC twice. He played in two national title games in three years, winning one, and losing the other this past season.
The Good
Robinson has a perfect frame for the position, and has functional power and pop off of the snap and explodes into his blocks.
He meets aggression with aggression on every snap, and blows gap holes open between tackle and guard like a pro.
Can progress from block to block very well, and does not get zeroed in on one opponent in any given play. Can take on multiple defenders in layers.
Has very skilled footwork, and gets past the point of attack. A real hunter/killer on the second level and beyond.
Solid arm extension.
Works very well on edge rushers and can kick out to meet the charge.
Works all the way through a play until the whistle blows.
The Bad
Does not always play with good balance, and has some technique issues still where he will lean into a block, or lunge into one, which loses the advantage.
Seems anxious to lay down a hit in a bock and move onto another defender rather than finishing one off before moving on.
Because of lunges, he ends up on the ground too much.
Does not always do a great job on reading the edges/blitzes.
Commits early on certain plays, and misses nuances because of it.
Final Overview
Robinson is one of the most athletic players in this draft, but he still has some work to do when it comes to technique. Playing in Lane Kiffin's offense was probably not a helpful thing for Robinson, because he did not get a ton of training for a pro offense. He may best fit early in his career at left guard or right tackle before kicking over to finish his career as a franchise left tackle, as he learns some basic pro offense nuances. That being said, if he does the work, and gets good coaching, he should be a franchise offensive tackle for years to come in the big picture.

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