Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Bucky Hodges

Bucky Hodges, Virginia Tech
6-6, 257
Hodges was a three year player for the Hokies, and started all three seasons as well after making a move from QB.
Hodges started as a freshman, and finished with a line of 45-526-7, and had an average of 11.69 YPR. He finished second on the team in receiving that season.
As a sophomore, he posted 40-530-6, and averaged 13.25 YPR. He finished third on the team in receiving that season.
He came back as a junior in 2016, and posted 48-691-7, and averaged a career high 14.4 YPR, and again finished third on the team in receiving.
The Good
Solid size/speed combo, and plays more like a WR than a TE. Competes with first rate game speed.
Excellent leaping ability as a receiver, and can get to the high throws.
Can line up outside, and also excels across the middle of the field.
Will be able to be used all over the field as a receiver on the next level.
Deep play threat, and can beat LBs in coverage with ease. Gets to the next level against safeties.
Solid moves, and excellent tracker on long throws. Can break the big play.
Excellent downfield blocker.
Understands defenses, and knows how to read them.
The Bad
Is still learning the position, as he has only played TE for three years.
Can get jammed at the line.
Does not run crisp routes, and can get lost in traffic.
He lets the ball get to his body too often, and does not extend for the catch enough.
Does not extend plays after the catch well, and is easy to bring down.
Is not aggressive or powerful enough to be a dependable blocker at the point of contact just yet.
Final Overview
Hodges is another super athlete at the TE position who can excel as a receiver, but is still very raw as a blocker. Some teams prefer this kind of player here, but that is only on teams who use the spread. Hodges is coachable, and is a smart athlete who will pick things up in time, so if you have the ability to get him in the mid rounds, take a shot. He should develop nicely down the line.

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