Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFl Draft Profile: Brian Hill

Brian Hill, Wyoming
6-1, 219
Hill was a three year starter for the Cowboys, and led them in rushing all three years. He has rushed for over 3400 yards the last two seasons, and was one of the most productive players in the nation, albeit quietly, as he did not receive a ton of exposure playing for the Cowboys.
As a freshman, Hill rushed for 796 yards on 145 carries, and scored seven times while averaging 5.49 yards per carry. As a sophmore, Hill exploded for 1631 yards on 281 carries, and scored six times. He averaged 5.8 yards per carry. As a junior, Hill ran for 1860 yards and scored a career high 22 times, while averaging 5.33 yards per carry.
The Good
Solid worker between the tackles, and does not go down easily.
Excellent pass blocker, and will commit. Has solid hands and keeps his head up at contact.
He can be an excellent receiver, but Wyoming did not use him much. When he does work as a receiver, he has solid skill and soft hands.
Extremely productive the last two seasons.
Solid character guy.
The Bad
Does not have burner speed, or much of a change of gear. Is a straight ahead runner.
He will need a top flight O line to give hi room to work, as he does not do well when trying to create something out of nothing.
He will hesitate before hitting the line if nothing is there, and he will lose yardage.
Is not enough of a north/south runner.
He is a bit on the thin side, and lacks power because of it. A little long for a RB.
Final Overview
Although he has several drawbacks, one cannot ignore that Hill was a super productive back the last two seasons, and was a major key component in the resurgence of the Wyoming football program, specifically in 2016. Hill is the kind of back that when he puts it all together, could be a game changing kind of player. If drafted in the right spot, by the right team, with the right staff in place, Hill could very well flourish on the next level.

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