Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: ArDarius Stewart

ArDarius Stewart, Alabama
5-11, 204
Stewart was a three year player for Alabama, not including one year as a redshirt. As a RS freshman, he posted 12-149-0, averaging 12.42 YPC. As a sophomore, he climbed the ladder to finish second on the team in receiving, with a line of 63-700-4. He averaged 11.11 YPC. As a junior, his final season, he posted 54-864-8, with an average of 16 YPC. He returned 8 kicks for 161 yards as a junior, averaging 20.13 yards per return, and has been used on run plays out of the jet sweep as well.
The Good
Stewart is a multifaceted football player, and has been used at WR, RB, and on kick returns throughout his career.
Is a good downfield run blocker, and will sell out for those blocks.
Solid field vision, and can make plays after the catch.
Will make spectacular grabs, and will give up his body to make the catch.
The Bad
Is not much good on screen plays as a blocker.
More athletic than solid as a receiver.
Does not run great routes, and is raw.
Former RB still learning to play receiver.
Has some drop issues, mostly out of a lack of concentration.
Tries to get too shifty in the open field, and it will often cost him.
Scored 138 TDs in high school, but never showed a major scoring flash in college.
Final Overview
Stewart is a freak of an athlete, but is still very raw as he is still trying to learn the job of being a full time receiver. He is a prototypical player who never should have come out of school early, and is coming out for all the wrong reasons. He already has two kids (lacks focus in the right areas of his life), and is trying to take care of his extended family, which never ends well for the player. Stewart has some flashing ability, and has some skills, but he is a reach at the grade given, and I would let someone else bare the risk here. He has something, but not enough of something for me.

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