Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Antonio Garcia

Antonio Garcia, Troy
6-6, 302
Garcia was a four year player for Troy, and started 36/37 games at LT for the Trojans. He missed half of his RS freshman season to a knee injury, but never seemed to suffer because of it long term. He was an honorable mention All-Sun Belt pick as a junior, and made first team All-Sun Belt as a senior. He was under recruited coming out of high school.
The Good
Very good athlete. Quick and mobile for a big guy.
Played basketball in high school, and still uses those footwork skills now.
Quick enough to meet edge rushers head on, very fast to kick out to meet an outside blitz.
Stays in front of blockers, very difficult to move around or flank him.
Keeps his feet set, will not get pushed off a block.
Works well in the phone booth.
Uses his physicality to overwhelm opponents.
Fluid and can get from block to block with ease.
The Bad
Plays too high at times, and does not get his pads down.
Looks a little wiry sometimes.
Does not have explosive lower body strength.
Sometimes has to battle to stay on blocks and constantly readjust to them rather than dominating from the outset.
Still needs work with his hands.
Can get beat when he lunges at blocks.
Needs bulk, but frame is iffy as to whether he can carry more weight. Has always played on the lighter side.
Final Overview
On film, Garcia often looks like the real deal, but there are concerns. His frame may not be able to carry much more in terms of bulk without slowing him down. He lacks functional lower body strength and can get pushed around, but he is a scrapper who stays in the fight every down. He does tend to hold at times as he gets pushed around, but that is just him fighting through his deficiencies. With some work, I see Garcia as a rotational tackle, but his overall lack of bulk could scare some people off. One other thing is that he ran out of a college offense system, and he may need work in a more traditional offensive set.

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