Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: 6th Round Wide Receiver Prospects

6th Round
Jalen Robinette, Air Force: Will porbably need time to adjust to the pro game after living in an option attack, but his skills and potential are through the roof, may also have to deal with Air Force commitment out of the academy.
Ricky Seals-Jones, Texas A&M: Another highly hyped high school kid that never fully lived up to the hype. He is a huge guy who may need to move to TE in the NFL, but that will take some work.
Amba Etta-Tawo, Syracuse: A developmental prospect who really exploded in his final year. Limited sample size guy who lacks a body of work, solid fundamentals, and is very raw, but there is enough there to intrigue some people.
Jehu Chesson, Michigan: Really fell off in 2016, and saw his confidence drop some. He has the size/speed combo that teams want, but he has to show he wants this.
Taywan Taylor, Western Kentucky: System player with video game numbers. He still has some bery high potential levels as a first rate slot receiver, and should get some solid looks on day three. I would definitely take a look with a pick here.
Jerome Lane, Akron: Former LB turned into receiver and flourished. Tough and strong, and a hard worker. Will need some time to fully develop, as he has not played the position long. Still, his potential is very good.

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