Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Josh Dobbs

Josh Dobbs, Tennessee
6-3, 216
Dobbs was probably one of the most disappointing overall prospects in college football during his time a Tennessee, as he never seemingly lived up to his billing.
Dobbs did not start regularly until his junior season, even though he had the label of four year starter stamped on him out of high school. As a freshman, he passed for 695 yards with two TDs and six INTs, and completed 59.5% of his passes. He ran for 189 yards and one score. As a sophomore, he played in six games, passing for 1206 yards and nine scores to six INTs.  He added 469 yards rushing and eight more scores on the ground.
As a junior, He passed for 2291 yards and 15 TDs to just five picks. He averaged 26.5 pass attempts per game, and completed 59.6% of his passes. He added 671 yards rushing and 11 more scores. As a senior, he passed for 2946 yards and 27 scores to 12 INTs, and added a career high 891 yards rushing and 12 TDs. He completed a career high 63% of his passes on 27.5 attempts per game.
The Good
Dobbs has a quick release when passing, and can read through progressions rather easily.
Has solid deep ball skills, with 14 TD passes of 21 yards or more.
He has solid rushing ability, and can make players miss who over pursue.
Can throw well on the run, and make big plays when needed.
The Bad
Is too much of a runner, not enough of a passer, despite showing more passing ability in 2016 than any other season.
His best value is in a wildcat package.
Completion percentage never got out of the low 60s as a career high.
Inconsistent decision making, mental approach is all over the place.
He crumbles under pressure.
Never lived up to advanced billing coming into the college game, and never won on a high level.
Highly questionable when it comes to reading defenses.
Makes up his mind too early as to where he will throw the ball, and then throws it whether the play is there or not.
Final Overview
I will admit that I am not a fan. I would simply not draft Dobbs based on a lack of ever living up to expectations, and never having won an SEC East title in his four years. The fact that it took him two full years to win the starting QB job is ludicrous to me. His overall skill set makes him a decent college QB in an average program, but he is not nearly great, and to be a QB in the NFL, one must display some level of greatness. Dobbs is not that guy.

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