Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Minnesota Gophers Fire Tracy Claeys

Minnesota fired head football coach Tracy Claeys after one season today, the reason being a fundamental failure to support university policy as it applied to 10 suspended football players, and his actions after his team threatened to boycott all football activities, including participating in the Holiday Bowl. The boycott lasted less than two days, and the team beat Washington State in the Holiday Bowl 17-12.
After suspending the 10 players, an act which stemmed from an investigation into a sexual assault claim in September, Tracy Claeys sent a tweet that was deemed "not helpful" by athletic director Mark Croyle.
It would seem that Claeys was caught in between the administration and his players, and he chose the wrong side. Claeys, but supporting the suspended and/or boycotting players, he undermined the administration, or was perceived to have done so.
The moral of the story is that Claeys straddled a line with his position. His job, as distasteful as he may have found it, was to side with policy and his superiors. When he failed to do so, he decided to make the one play you should never make when you are in charge of a program, a business, or any position of authority. He chose to be the buddy, not the boss. One cannot be both.
Claeys supported the suspensions, but then with his one tweet, completely destroyed his standing in the decision making process, and he destabilized his position. Even 10 wins at Minnesota and a bowl win was not enough to save him after that.
The tweet in question is as follows:

Have never been more proud of our kids. I respect their rights & support their effort to make a better world! 〽️🏈

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