Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 All-Bilo Tight End of the Year: FBS

We now close out our annual offensive positional player of the year awards with our Tight End Award. Here are the finalists:

Adam Breneman, U Mass
Evan Engram, Ole Miss
Michael Roberts, Toledo
David Njoku, Miami
Cole Hitkutini, Louisville

The winner of the All-Bilo FBS Tight End of the Year Award is...

Adam Breneman, U Mass
There were not many bright spots for the Minutemen in 2016, but Breneman was a star for the program on the season, catching 70 passes for 808 yards and 8 scores on the season. He averaged 11.5 yards per catch on the season, and had to step up and be a star on a team who had so few.
Congratulations to Adam and to the U Mass program!

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