Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 All-Bilo Coach of the Year: FCS

I wrap up my awards season in FCS football with the Coach of the Year honors. Here are my finalists...

Beau Baldwin, Eastern Washington (12-2)
Kyle Schweigert, North Dakota (9-3)
Mike Houston, James Madison (14-1)
Bob Surace, Princeton (8-2)
Chris Klieman, North Dakota State (12-2)
Bo Pelini, Youngstown State (12-4)
John Grass, Jacksonville State (10-2)
Dale Lindsey, San Diego (10-2)
Brent Thompson, The Citadel (10-2)
Mike Ayers, Wofford (10-4)
KC Keeler, Sam Houston State (12-1)
Steve Campbell, Central Arkansas (10-3)
Broderick Fobbs, Grambling (11-1)

This was a loaded field for 2016, with several notable performances coming from unexpected places. The winner of my All-Bilo Coach of the Year for FCS football in 2016 is...

Mike Houston, James Madison
Houston built The Citadel into a winning program, which is something I have never seen in my lifetime, and then left to join James Madison after Everett Withers departed for Texas State. In his first season he managed to break a five year strangle hold on the FCS championship away from North Dakota State, and won the first title for the Dukes since 2004. Houston has built a major reputation as a winner, and should be a major candidate for any FBS jobs opening in 2017.
Congratulations to Mike Houston and to the James Madison program!

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