Friday, November 4, 2016

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool, On the Hot Seat

Here are my candidates for the College Football Coaches Dead Pool as we head into the November sprint to the finish! These are coaches who I see being fired at the end of this season, or sometime before:

David Beaty, Kansas
Beaty has still not won a Big 12 game in almost two full seasons at the helm of the Jayhawks, and he has won just one game overall. Let's not talk about development or program building here, because it is evident that none of this is happening. This was a terrible hire when it was made, and his former boss at Rice is about to join him on this list.

David Bailiff, Rice
The AD at Rice has intimated that a change will come at the end of the season, but he feels that mid-season firings are tasteless. Bailiff will be gone at the end of this season, and the Owls still have not won a game this season.

Charlie Partridge, FAU
The Owls are going nowhere under Partridge, and sources are saying the heat level is blazing for Partridge at this point. Again, this was not a great hire when it made, so it is time to rectify this issue.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
Even those who have defended Miles to me in the past have given up on doing so. The chants of the scant Panther fan base are chanting for blood. This season, short of almost upsetting Wisconsin, has been an abject disaster.

The Next list is our current hot seat list. These coaches may be able to save themselves with strong finishes, but the heat is on if they do not.

Lovie Smith, Illinois
He is in his first season, but reports surfaced this week that Smith is already talking about bailing on this job at the end of this season. It never felt like a good match, and the season has been long and painful. I just don't think that he believed it would be this hard to win.

Sean Kugler, UTEP
He was seen as a hero last season, but the Miners have turned south, and it is getting worse every week. Kugler may end up on the Dead Pool list by next week.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
I am elevating him out of the pool this week, as there have been some flashes of late, but another loss, and Kent State is ineligible for a bowl, and that may kick him back into the pool.

Rod Carey, Northern Illinois
This season has certainly been a mess, and one could say he had been winning with Dave Doeren's talent before. Carey has got to turn the tide, because the fan base is getting prickly.

Ron Caragher, San Jose State
Did he do enough to save himself by beating UNLV last week? I am giving him a week off from the pool, but he could splash right back in with another bad loss.

Jim Mora, UCLA
The fans have turned against him. The media is following suit in a huge way with Mora's asshole approach to them weekly. The players are starting to obviously tune him out, and he looks as if he is giving up, much like he did to the Atlanta Falcons. Even his staff is completely adrift without a rudder it would seem. He could end up quitting, as he looks like he just wants out.

Rich Rodriguez, Arizona
Rich Rod has been a disaster since leaving West Virginia. He has no QB, there is no depth to his roster, and buyout be damned, he could be gone sooner than you think. At least, unlike Mora, he is still behaving with the media.

Doug Martin, New Mexico State
His is a thankless job. NMSU will likely never be a winner. Martin took the job because nobody else wanted to work for the inept athletic leadership that was in place at the time that he took the job. Now he as been stuck with it, and nothing has gotten better. Fire him, or don't, because I don't see how this program will improve overall.

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