Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bilo's College Football PASS/FAIL Conference Title Chase Reports: PAC-12

North: Washington, Washington State
The North race is likely down to the Apple Cup game on 11/25. Washington still has dates against USC and and Arizona State at home before heading east to play the Cougars in Pullman. If Washington can win out in these three final games, and win the conference title game, they will play in the national semifinals.
Washington State is getting better weekly, and will have the benefit of playing the Huskies at home, but first, they must beat Cal (they should), and Colorado. Even if the Cougars fall to Colorado, they can still win the North by beating Washington. The reality is that WSU has a tougher path to the division title.

South: Colorado, USC, Utah
Colorado has been a huge story this season, and leading the South is just beyond imagination for many regarding this program. The Buffs are charging forward into the most difficult part of their schedule, and it is brutal. Colorado should have an easy time against Arizona in their next game, but then comes back to back games against Washington State and Utah, and those games will tell the tale. It will still be a great season for Colorado at 8-4, it just won't be a conference title season.
USC has already beaten Colorado, and are just a half game back with two of their own conference games remaining. USC has a tough road this week, as they travel to Seattle to play Washington. They wrap up with a likely win over UCLA in conference play before wrapping the season against Notre Dame.
Utah also still has a path to winning the South. They wrap the season against Colorado, but they need to win out to get there. The Utes have two very winnable games against Arizona State and Oregon, and then, if they can win out, they get Colorado for what should be a divisional title game. Utah has already beaten USC.

Bowl Eligble: Washington, Washington State, Stanford. Colorado, USC, Utah
Bowl Ineligible: Oregon State, Arizona

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