Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bilo's College Football PASS/FAIL Conference Title Chase Reports: ACC

Atlantic Coast Conference

Atlantic Division: Clemson, Louisville, Wake Forest
Clemson can lock up the ACC Atlantic title by winning their next two games, which come against Pitt at home, and Wake Forest on the road. If Clemson can get this done, the Tigers will cruise into the ACC title game, as they had already beaten Louisville. A win over Wake Forest would eliminate them.
Louisville would need two losses from Clemson to steal the Atlantic title, and would absolutely need to win out at the same time to not only achieve that end, but also still be alive for consideration in the national semifinals. Louisville would also need someone other than Clemson to lose in that group to ensure their appearance.
Wake Forest is still alive, technically, but needs multiple losses by both Clemson and Louisville to get by and somehow steal the division. They could be eliminated by the end of this coming week, as the Deacons get Louisville on the road, followed by Clemson at home the following week.

Coastal Division: North Carolina, Virginia Tech

The Hells and Hokies are tied at the top of the Coastal, but UNC needs a Virginia Tech loss, and needs to win out at this point to win the division. The Hokies have already beaten the Tar Heels 34-3, and therefore own the tiebreaker. UNC has Duke and NC State left in conference play, and also has a game outside of conference against FCS member Citadel, while Virginia Tech has league tilts against Georgia Tech and Virginia sandwiched around a non con Notre Dame game. Neither team can afford a slip moving forward, but UNC can afford it the least.
Bowl Eligible: Clemson, Louisville, Wake Forest, Florida State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech
Bowl Ineligible: Virginia

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