Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bilo's College Football Conference Title Chase Reports: Big 10

Big 10

East: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State
Despite Michigan falling to Iowa tonight, the Wolverines still control their own destiny. If the Wolverines beat Indiana next week, which they should, they must beat Ohio State in the finale to win the division. That seems like a tall order at this point, but the world is askew in college football right now, so there is always hope for them.
Ohio State needs some help, even if they win out against Michigan State and Michigan, the Buckeyes would need Penn State to lose one of their final games against Rutgers or Michigan State (either seems highly unlikely) to claim the West. Ohio State lost to Penn State, and they own the tiebreaker. Penn State could win out, but they need Ohio State to beat Michigan to claim the division, as they lost to Michigan. Penn State winning out is about the only thing I would bet on in this group moving forward.

West: Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota
Wisconsin has held on for weeks now, and they are on the cusp of winning the East. The Badgers destroyed Illinois today, will play Purdue next week (Badgers should easily win this), and will wrap up in a must win game against Minnesota. If that happens, Wisconsin wins the West.
Nebraska beat Minnesota today 24-17, and stays tied with Wisconsin, but the Huskers need to win out, and they need a Badger loss to claim the West. Nebraska is no lock to win out with games coming up with Maryland and Iowa remaining. Maryland is reeling, but Iowa is a challenge for certain after tonight's win over Michigan.
Minnesota did not help themselves by losing to Nebraska, but can still get some help with a Nebraska loss or two, and by beating Wisconsin. If Nebraska loses out, and the Gophers beat Wisconsin, Minnesota is in the title game under that scenario.

Bowl Eligible: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
Bowl Ineligible: Michigan State, Rutgers, Illinois, Purdue

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