Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bilo's College Football Conference Title Chase Reports: ACC


Atlantic: Louisville, Clemson
Clemson could have put things to bed tonight with a win at home over Pitt, but a Panther FG with 0:08 left gave the Panthers a 43-42 win over the Tigers, not only bringing chaos to the ACC title chase, but also to the playoff rankings.
Clemson still owns the tiebreaker over Louisville, having beaten them, but if Clemson loses their ACC finale next week at Wake Forest, Louisville is the Atlantic Division champion.
Louisville is now done in ACC play despite having two more games on the schedule. Louisville wraps against Houston and Kentucky in non con play, but they have no pressure on them after beating Wake Forest. Other than already having lost to Clemson, and that being their only league loss, Louisville is in a solid position, and they have done all they can. Now they wait, and hope Wake Forest can rebound for a huge upset next week.

Coastal: Virginia Tech, North Carolina
All Virginia Tech had to do today was beat Georgia Tech at home. They headed into the half already down 20-0 to the Yellow Jackets, and could not find a way to bounce back from that deficit. Before they knew it, Virginia Tech had lost to Georgia Tech 30-20, and blew their chance to lock up an appearance in the ACC title game.
North Carolina could have taken advantage of this loss by beating Duke on Thursday night. They did not. Despite dominating early against the Blue Devils, UNC allowed them to claw back and hang around, and Duke won 28-27. It is still a 2 team race as we head to the end of the season, and Virginia Tech owns the tiebreaker, but the Hokies cannot lose their final game, because if UNC wins, and the Hokies lose, Tech has blown it and UNC heads to the ACC title hame.

Bowl Eligible: Louisville, Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Miami, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech
Bowl Ineligible: Virginia

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