Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Big Ten Adds to Glut of College Football On TV With Friday Games, Other Big 10 News

Obvioulsy, the Big 10 has not learned the lesson of the NFL this season, nor has the NCAA. The NFL ratings are significantly down this season, and a lot of that has to do with a glut of games, many meaningless, that have been televised by the league. In over saturating their product, the NFL has actually damaged their TV offerings and the experience of viewing these games, because, there is no longer enough time to build up any buzz from week to week.
The NCAA needs to learn that as well, as Tuesday MAC games are about as interesting as mowing a lawn. Nobody thinks Tuesdays and college football in the same thought pattern. Or Wednesdays, or Fridays for that matter.
In their infinite wisdom, the Big 10 has announced that they will offer a Friday night package beginning in 2017. That has been received with mixed reviews, and Michigan has already announced that they will not take part. Penn State and Ohio State both announced that they will not allow the league to host home games on Fridays next season in their stadiums, and Penn State has offered to play only one road Friday night game. High School football in PA and Ohio are huge deals, and Penn State and Ohio State both addressed that concern in their statements. In other words, they refuse to trample on that tradition.
All in all, when your league is not remotely behind you 100%, this probably looks like a horrible move, and it is.

In Other Big Ten News

Purdue has announced that they are going all in on football moving forward, and will be willing to spend big on their next coach. The Boilermakers have hired DHR International to work as a search firm, and no target will be off their list. Now, we only have to wait to see who takes them seriously. Expect Purdue to make big offers to targets like Les Miles and PJ Fleck.

Rumors are now circulating out of Illinois that Lovey Smith is absolutely miserable coaching the Illini, and in the college game in general, and may leave of his own volition after this, his first year at the helm of the Illini. He has fully denied this, but there is too much smoke here for there not to be a fire. Illinois is 2-6 this season, one game away from being eliminated from bowl contention.

More on all of this as word comes down! Stay tuned!

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