Friday, November 25, 2016

As the Coaching Carousel Turns: 11/25/16 Evening Update

It's midnight on the East Coast, but that does not mean that the drama that occurs on the carousel has come to a stop for the day...

It has been reported that LSU is down to Tom Herman, or Ed Orgeron in a shocking move. It appears that LSU could not ring up any other top tier candidates, and instead of giving it another week to peculate, they will make a move on either Herman or Orgeron by the end of this weekend. My money is on retaining Orgeron at this point, something that seemed highly unlikely just one week ago. It would seem that the Tigers put all of their eggs in the Jimbo Fisher basket, and they swung hard and missed, leaving them short on options now.

As I had said about a week ago, Texas may not be as all in on Tom Herman as originally thought. They are making overtures to Jim Harbaugh, Jimbo Fisher, and Dabo Swinney tonight to see if any of them have any interest in the job. It would appear that the money bag people in Austin are not all sold on Herman as the guy at this hour, but that could change again by morning. Charlie Strong will either resign or be fired tomorrow morning after a meeting with the president and AD.
Texas will miss on Harbaugh and Fisher, and that is basically a certainty at this point, leaving Swinney, someone with ties to the state, as the lead guy they intend to hunt for now. I doubt very much that he leaves Clemson, but Texas, as they tend to do, will go all in on this move.

Phil Knight has already met with Tom Herman, but he prefers other jobs, according to reports tonight. Knight is still interested in paying top dollar for a coach that he believes can win a national title at Oregon. With that news in place, it would appear that a decision has already been reached, and that Helfrich will be let go after the Oregon State game, win or lose.

Bret Bielema was already being asked about staff changes after the Razorbacks stumbled to a 7-5 finish after falling to Missouri today 28-24. Bielema has said that he will refuse to make changes, so Bielema getting fired at this point certainly is a possibility. Stay tuned on this one, as we could have news as early as tomorrow or Sunday if a move is to be made here.

More tomorrow as the Coaching Carousel continues to turn...

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