Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: Week 6 Edition

Three coaches have already drowned in the Dead Pool and became coaching industry shark food. LSU, FIU, and Lincoln (MO) are already looking for head coaches. I project that the following on this list will soon be joining them:

Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio)
Martin is just 5-24 now, and is in his 3rd season, which is pivotal to development of a program. Truth be told, there has been little in the way of development. Martin had been successful before, but he hasn’t had the recipe in Oxford. It would seem that this will end badly.

David Bailiff, Rice
Rice picked third in the CUSA West this season, but has yet to win a game. Bailiff has had ample time to turn this program around, but has played in the middle for far too long. Bailiff is now just 53-65 overall in his 10th season.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
Haynes is now just 10-30 in his 4th season, and has a shocking loss to North Carolina A&T on his resume this season. He has allowed the Golden Flashes to fall back to the abyss that Darrell Hazell had pulled them from, and it is his time to go.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
I thought he would be gone by now, but he had a decent season in 2015, saving him from the chopping block. That has not repeated itself this season, so it would seem that his drowning in the pool was just stayed, not put off entirely.

Charlie Harbridge, FAU
His record at FAU is now just 7-22, and he just lost to rival FIU, who fired their coach a week ago. That does not bode well for his time in the Pool.

Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State
He had so much promise when he started with the Bulldogs, but the Bulldogs have completely fallen apart since the first season, and DeRuyter has lost his way in trying to turn it around. He is now just 30-27 in his 5th season, and the ship is sinking fast.

David Beaty, Kansas
One win in two seasons will not save anybody from the Dead Pool, not even at Kansas, where Beaty inherited an empty cupboard. It is too important to turn a corner in the Big 12 to allow the losing to continue, and Beaty is just 1-16.

Darrell Hazell, Purdue
That 50-7 loss to Maryland is a sign of things to come for Purdue. Hazell is 2-2 this season, but that will surely turn south moving forward.

Mark Stoops, Kentucky
The Wildcats were dominated by Alabama last weekend, and they are not showing any signs of being good enough to move into bowl position this season, which is where they need to be for Stoops to keep his job.

Charlie Strong, Texas

There is virtually little in the way of saving Strong now. All reports are indicating that he is out at the end of the season, and once the Texas brass makes up their mind, they rarely budge. It looks like Strong will have another job in 2017, and he should have it. 

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