Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coaches on the Hot Seat: Week 9

The following coaches are feeling some heat for various reasons this week. Not all will eventually be fired, unless they continue to trend in the wrong direction. Here is my list of coaches feeling some heat this week:

Tommy Tuberville, Cincinnati
You should not take anything from him signing an extension just a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes extensions are just a way to impress upon a coach that winning is a must. Tuberville did not deserve his extension by any stretch, which makes his receiving one confusing. Cincy is just 1-3 in AAC play this season.
Heat Level: Moderate

Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech
The Yellow Jackets are struggling once again, and after a solid start, they have been in full regression. This may be a situation where Paul Johnson has become a stale figurehead in Atlanta, and that never works out well in the end. He is thought highly of by the Tech administration, but how long will they put up with being a non factor in the ACC race year after year?
Heat Level: Moderate

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
Record aside, one has to wonder how much life Gundy has in him in Stillwater, especially when he insists on publicly feuding with T. Boone Pickens. Gundy is still winning, but there is a power struggle going on, and Gundy will lose that war.
Heat Level: Getting Warmer

Kevin Wilson, Indiana
The Hoosiers started out well, as they tend to do, and then October came around, and they unraveled, which also is what they tend to do. Wilson has had plenty of time to get this program running strong, but they are now just 3-4, and completely out of the division race in Big 10 play in a year that was supposed to see them turning a corner.
Heat Level: Scorching

Brian Kelly, Notre Dame
He just received the cursed backing of his boss in public this week. That's not a good thing. Notre Dame is beyond below expectations at this point. A team that started in the top 10, and had championship aspirations is now just trying to qualify for the Music City Bowl.
Heat Level: White Hot

Rod Carey, Northern Illinois
Carey has been rock solid up until this season, but there is a contingent of the Husky community that want his head on a platter. I think that would be a huge mistake, especially with better play as of late, but if this repeats next season, fire away.
Heat Level: Mild

Troy Calhoun, Air Force
He is now just 1-3 in Mountain West play this season, and the inconsistencies of his tenure just continue to plague him. The Falcons have been falling apart for weeks, and Calhoun is no longer on the Purdue shopping list.
Heat Level: Mild

Brian Polian, Nevada
The Nevada offense is off the rails, and the Wolfpack has fallen well below expectations. Polian no longer looks like a rock star, and the Pistol looks rusty. Nobody can be happy about a 3-5 season, when the Pack was expected to finish right behind San Diego State in the MWC West.
Heat Level: Moderate

Rich Rodriguez, Arizona
He got a huge (yet undeserved) extension this season, but the Wildcats are having their worst season under him. The buyout is huge, so he isn't going anywhere right away, but the pressure is building.
Heat Level: Moderate

Mark Stoops, Kentucky
Stoops was a Dead Pool candidate weeks ago, but Kentucky is in second place in the East. He is still on the fence, but if Kentucky continues to win, he will be safe. If they trend the other way, he is back in the pool.
Heat Level: Moderate

Hug Freeze, Ole Miss
The Rebels were expected to compete this season, despite huge losses in personnel. They still had Chad Kelly at QB, but that has not translated to bad defense. Ole Miss is 3-4, and isn't getting any better. If you add off-field issues aplenty, Freeze is closer to the Dead Pool every day.
Heat Level: High

Mark Hudspeth, UL-Lafayette
Hudspeth has had his fair load of drama, on and off field. The Cajuns are in a wierd place as a program right now, they are in the middle, but they sink back to horrible from time to time. There is no seeming development of the program right now.
Heat Level: High

Coming Tomorrow: Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool

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