Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bilo's College Football PASS/FAIL Reports Week 7: Big 10

Big 10
PASS: Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State
Nebraska had one hell of a time at Indiana yesterday, and even Mike Riley seemed winded in the post game presser, but the Huskers remained unbeaten, getting what they needed out of Tommy Armstrong to get there. Riley had said that Armstrong was the catalyst to winning, and that is what they got. Armstrong plays well. Nebraska wins, stays unbeaten, and stays in control of the Big 10 West.
Illinois is in a 4 way battle for last in the West, but had they lost to Rutgers yesterday, they’d be all alone in the basement. The Illini got a must win game, but it was just their second of the year.
Minnesota was in the same boat as Illinois, and remains so. They are in that group at 1-2 in league play. The Gophers picked up a huge win over Maryland, 31-10, which moved them to 4-2.
Iowa, despite being awful this season, beat up on Purdue 45-31 yesterday, and now is just one half game behind Nebraska in the West. If this keeps up, the Hawkeyes could be playing the Huskers for the West title to finish the regular season.
Northwestern scored more points than any other visiting opponent to East Lansing yesterday when they defeated Michigan State 54-40. After a miserable start, the Wildcats are quietly just one game out in the West behind Nebraska. It would seem that a recovery is underway in Evanston.
Ohio State looked like a shell of themselves last night early in Madison, but the Buckeyes stormed back and picked up a rousing 30-23 OT win at Wisconsin. At this point, after this difficult win, the Buckeyes could be on a collision path to play Michigan, who was idle yesterday, for the East title, and a birth in the Final Four.

FAIL: Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue, Michigan State, Wisconsin
In response to my “Jim Mora Has to Go” article this last week, someone mentioned to me that I forgot to mention Kevin Wilson of Indiana as a candidate for UCLA. Why on Earth would I do that? To get another coach who starts hot, and then fades in October and November? UCLA already had that in Bob Toledo, Karl Dorrell, Rick Neuheisel, and now Mora. Please, spare me the jokes. I hardly have the time.
Rutgers is a mess. Don’t blame Chris Ash, but you could blame him for taking on this Titanic scaled train wreck in the first place. He meant well. Scarlet Knights football put the Rut in Rutgers.
Purdue finally ended up where I thought they would this week. Darrell Hazell is now a drowning victim of my Dead Pool. Hazell is out after winning just 9 games in 4 seasons. It was going to happen. It was always going to happen.
Michigan State has plummeted, and I mean they have hit rock bottom. They gave up 54 to Northwestern, a team that scored 9 against Illinois State of the FCS. It is really that bad.
Maryland is starting to slow down after a red hot start. Remember, DJ Durkin is in his first season, and everything he has done so far has shown me that he can get this program going. Bumps will come during the process, but better times seem to be coming.

Wisconsin had Ohio State on the ropes last night. They were so close to a major upset, but even that would not have bounced them to the top of the West Division. With the loss, the Badgers are now part of that 4 way basement group in the West at 1-2 in league play. 

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