Monday, October 3, 2016

Bilo's College Football PASS/FAIL Reports Week 5: Independents

PASS: Notre Dame
The Irish defense is still an absolute atrocity, but scoring 23 points in the first 7 minutes against Syracuse was still impressive. Notre Dame can score with the best of them.

FAIL: BYU, U Mass, Coastal Carolina
Will the real BYU please stand up? The team that had great defense and no offense for the first month played zero defense and scored like maniacs to start the second month. I don’t know about these Cougars.
U Mass is just a mess as well, and should really consider heading back to FCS football. They lose to Tulane at home this week. Nobody cares.

Coastal Carolina is still playing an all FCS schedule until 2017, but they could not stop a fly against Charleston Southern this week in a game that reminded me of the BYU mess from Thursday night. No defense games make me want to vomit. 

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