Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bilo's Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: Week 8

Coaches are already getting fired in 2016, with changes coming this week at Purdue, Delaware,  and at D2 Lake Erie. Those firings join those at LSU, FIU, and Lincoln (MO) which have already transpired this year. Here are the coaches who are likely next to be fired before the end of this year:

David Bailiff, Rice
The Owls are ranked next to last in our 1-A PRS rankings, and his record has dipped well below .500 for his time at Rice. He wasn't all that great at Texas State when the Bobcats were still playing 1-AA football, so there should be no surprise. What is surprising is that he has lasted as long as he has at Rice. It's time to move on.

Tim DeRuyter, Fresno State
DeRuyter took a team that was pushing for a major bowl birth in his first season, to a team that has fallen to the rock bottom. Fresno State ranks 126th this week in our rankings, and it cannot get much worse. This has been a slow and steady decline, and it may be time to move on from him.

Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio)
Martin was brought in to fix the damage left behind by several bad hires, and had a pedigree, but has not performed at all in Oxford. The program has shown zero signs of development in year three, and it is time to move forward from what looks like another bad hire.

David Beaty, Kansas
Nobody can argue what a disaster this hire has been. He makes Turner Gill and Charlie Weis look like pure brilliance. The program still has not won a conference game under Beaty, and there is no end in site for the misery. He has one win in two seasons, and now even the mainstream media is jumping on board with this assessment.

Sean Kugler, UTEP
After signs that the program could be turning a corner last season, the Miners have fallen off the grid. They are 1-5 coming off the bye week, and are double digit dogs to UTSA this week. This is not getting it done, and it's time to consider a different direction.

Ron Caragher, San Jose State
Not that expectations are all that high here, but SJSU has been abysmal, and won what looks to be their last outright winnable game against Nevada last weekend by a score of 14-10. Their only other win was against 1-AA program Portland State.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
When he was already on the hot seat, he lost to Miami (Ohio). That robably did not help his cause much. Haynes is as good as gone.

Trent Miles, Georgia State
Heads turned when the Panthers rallied to go bowling last season after Miles had one win in 3 seasons. He has reversed course, and the Panthers are sinking once again with a 1-5 record this season. He has reached his max potential, and it is not good.

Mark Helfrich, Oregon
At this point, he has lost just about everyone, fans, boosters, players, and media. The administration is publicly saying nice things, but rumors are behind closed doors that there is not much to say at all. Helfrich has likely already signed his walking papers, especially with his hire of Brady Hoke to run the defense, a unit that was plagued by horrible play last season. That hire has been a major dud, and the defense is actually worse. Can they get Chip Kelly back?

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