Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bilo's College Football Picks Week 8: Against the Spread

66-68-4. That is my miserable record against the spread this season so far. It's a horrible record, but I shall not give up! It is time to press on this week and pick my games against the spread for week 8! Here we go:

Troy -8.5 South Alabama
USF -6.5 Temple
California -2.5 Oregon
Syracuse +5 Boston College
West Virginia -6 TCU
Nebraska -24 Purdue
North Carolina -8 Virginia
Wisconsin -3.5 Iowa
UCF -4 U Conn
Ohio -2.5 Kent State
Washington State -6.5 Arizona State
Oklahoma -14 Texas Tech
Wyoming -4 Nevada
Tulsa -10.5 Tulane
Colorado +2 Stanford
Utah +7 UCLA
Arkansas +9.5 Auburn
Texas A&M +18.5 Alabama

Wish me luck!

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