Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dead Pool Update: Ron Turner Out At FIU

Florida International became the first FBS football program to remove their head coach during the 2016 season this morning. Turner, who's final record at FIU was 10-30, started the season at 0-4 in a pressure year where it was win or go home. Turner piled up losses to Indiana, Maryland, U Mass, and finally was blown out by UCF by a score of 53-14 yesterday before being shown the door. Turner was in his 4th year with the program, and is now 52-91 overall as a college head coach.
Turner had previously coached at Illinois, and was also the head coach of the Chicago Bears. DC Ron Cooper takes over as interim coach, and it would seem that the administration will begin putting together a list of candidates immediately moving forward. Short of a miracel, it is doubtful that Cooper would be considered as a permanent replacement option.
FIU takes on rival Florida Atlantic next.

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