Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: 2016 Volume 3

We now switch our focus from coaches in college football who need to start swinging the needle in the right direction, to guys who now look like they are on their way out. There are a few coaches who I have identified, and have verified, that seem to be heading for the firing squad by the end of the current season. Here are the weekly Dead Pool candidates...

Darrell Hazell, Purdue
Hazell is now 7-31 after a 1-1 start, but that one win has come by way of a win over Eastern Kentucky, an FCS program. Purdue lost to Cincinnati by 18 points, and that has further cemented this status. Hazell has a new boss, and the fan base has basically given up. David Blough imploded at QB last week, tossing 5 picks, and now has just 3 TDs to 6 picks, so Hazell's only real option at QB is toast. The Boilers get Nevada after a bye week, which is winnable, but if they lose that game, you can cement his departure, and sooner than later.

David Bailiff, Rice
The Owls are now just 1-6 in their last seven games, and the coach with nine lives, to quote Cousin Eddie from "Christmas Vacation", has spent about 8 of them. Rice was blown out at Western Kentucky to open the season and CUSA play, and then got hammered at Army last week. Rice is scoring 14 points per game They are giving up 38.5. They have given up 446 yards rushing (223 per game). They are completing just 50% of their passes. In short, Rice is a mess, and Bailiff is just 53-62, now in his 10th season. It is time.

Ron Turner, FIU
Turner had a real shot to get going and run this program up the hill, but the Panthers are sliding back down once again after an 0-2 start. Turner was almost gone in year two, but it is now year four, and he is just 10-30. Losses to Indiana and Maryland have come at a huge cost, as the Panthers are now scoring just 13.5 points per game, are giving up 37.5, they are averaging just 16 1st downs per game, and are giving up 24. They have given up 485 yards rushing. QB rating is under 100,. and they have converted just 9/30 on 3rd downs. Turner has not gotten the program to where it needs to be, has never had full support by all parties involved, but...if he can spin this thing around, he may be the most likely coach on this list to pull himself out of the pool, as the schedule provides opportunities moving forward.

Paul Haynes, Kent State
Darrell Hazell, who is also on this list, had Kent State rolling when he left for Purdue. Haynes, who took over for him, has run it back into the ground. If I had to say which coach on this list would not survive through November, it is Haynes. Kent State is 0-2 this season, They lost last week to North Carolina A&T, a MEAC and FCS member. Haynes is now just 9-28 in his 4th season, was on every hot seat listed entering the season, and Kent State is now just as bad as they have ever been, and that is really bad. There is no doubt, according to several sources, that Haynes is on his way out, and a loss to another FCS program against a very tough Monmouth team, may show him the door early. No coach survives two losses to two FCS programs in one season.

Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio)
Martin is now just 5-21 in his 3rd season. Normally, season 3 is the year that you show progress, and compete for a bowl. After losing to FCS member Eastern Illinois last week, after Eastern had lost to Western Illinois a week earlier, shows that this is not a likely scenario. Miami also has a loss to Iowa by 24 points, and the Red Hawks are now just 0-2, and Martin is scrambling for answers. He has a solid QB Billy Bahl, but he has little else in the cupboard, and the talent gap is telling. Martin will survive longer than Haynes will, but how much longer?

Mark Stoops, Kentucky
After what I have heard, and the information that is out there this week, Stoops is as good as done at Kentucky. Short of a massive turn around in the coming weeks, Stoops will be shown the door by the end of November. The fan base has given up. That is coming from multiple places and sources. The administration told Stoops that he had to go bowling, and they no longer believe that as a serious option. Kentucky lost to Florida for a whopping 30th straight defeat to the Gators, and that is a huge sign of concern. Kentucky had Southern Miss on the ropes, and had an epic defensive melt down that led to a loss. Stoops is now just 12-26, and all signs and sources indicate that Stoops will pay the ultimate price short of a massive miracle in Lexington. They likely get their first win this week against New Mexico State, but then get South Carolina and Alabama after that. There are very few options left on the schedule for Kentucky to gather enough ammo to save Stoops at this point. This is getting close to concrete.

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