Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Coaches on the Hot Seat: Volume 2

Here is my weekly update on coaches who are starting to feel some heat. They may not be on the immediate chopping block, but these coaches had better start getting it together, or else they are deep in the Dead Pool! Here's my week two update:

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
"Big Game Bob" is great when expectations are limited. When they are high, Stoops seems to come up short. During my appearance on the "Mitch and Pritch Show" today, Mike Pritchard asked me why Stoops always seems to get a pass despite this fact. I did not adequately answer the question, but the answer is simply that Stoops wins enough games to keep OU competitive. He is also fairly well liked in the Sooner community, so there's that. National media tends to protect those coaches who they like personally, and the reality is that Stoops isn't a loser. He wins regularly. and I have a real issue when schools fire coaches who average winning records, especially when they average 8 wins or more regularly, and Stoops fits that bill. The loss to Houston is not being well received. More losses like this, and nice or not, Stoops may not survive in this current environment of playoff or bust mentalities.

Chuck Martin, Miami (Ohio)
The Red Hawks were not totally dismantled by Iowa last weekend, and there were improvements seen in their loss. That being said, improvements need to translate to wins at some point, and they have to come in 2016.

Ron Caragher, San Jose State
The Spartans needed to get off to a strong start, and even Lee Corso gave them his pick to beat Tulsa this week. That never transpired, and SJSU lost 45-10 to Tulsa. This season is off to a bad start, and Caragher is feeling some heat.

Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
The Rebels are already neck deep in hot water, and that implosion against Florida State does not help. If the NCAA gets deeper, and these losses continue, the Rebels will really have no real reason to go Ride or Die with Freeze.

Gus Malzahn, Auburn
Malzahn is looking less and less like a championship coach, and he still has no solid QB option on the roster heading into week 2. If this season starts to really fall off the cliff, Malzahn could see an easy transition into the Dead Pool.

Les Miles, LSU
A group of fans have started a fundraiser online to raise the cash to dump Miles. After that loss to Wisconsin last weekend, it seems that Miles is closer to the Dead Pool than not.

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State
If MSU is going to make a change, why not after this season? The Bulldogs are showing signs of sinking back to the bottom of the SEC West, and that loss to South Alabama was just a wreck.

Mark Stoops, Kentucky
Nobody knows how hot the seat is other than Stoops. Stoops will not be feeling any cooler after the Wildcats blew a huge lead and lost to Southern Miss (which I called). Anything short of a bowl, and Kentucky will make a change. This was not a good week in Lexington.

Derek Mason, Vanderbilt
Mason has never gotten Vandy moving in the right direction. After the loss to South Carolina, it seems as if he may never get it moving. Pressure is mounting, even at Vanderbilt.

Mark Hudspeth, UL-Lafayette
Hudspeth has already fired his DC after one week and a loss to Boise State (45-10). That is not done when a coach is feeling secure. There have been some NCAA issues as well, so Hudspeth knows that the pressure is mounting.

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