Saturday, August 20, 2016

Notre Dame Arrest Breakdown

Six layers were arrested Friday night from the Notre Dame football roster in two separate incidents. One player, Devin Butler, was arrested at the Linebacker Lounge in South Bend after physically assaulting a police officer who was one of many responding to a fight between two women at the bar. Butler allegedly shoved one of the women in the fight, and then when told to back away by the officers shoved several of them before punching one and shoving him to the ground. Butler then proceeded to punch the officer several times in the body, and even removed the officer's utility belt, all of this according to an ABC News report.
The other five were all arrested during a traffic stop in some 35 miles from the Notre Dame campus. During this stop, Ashton White, Max Redfield, Kevin Stepherson, Te'Von Coney, and Devin Williams were all arrested and charged with crimes involving having a loaded weapon in the vehicle without a permit to carry, and possession of marijuana. The traffic stop occurred because of speeding and a broken tail light.
Here is the breakdown on where these players fall in the Notre Dame two deep as of earlier this week:

Devin Butler, CB: Not on the 2 deep roster
Ashton White, CB:  Not on the 2 deep roster
Max Redfield, SS: Backup at SS this last week, but battling for a starting spot
Kevin Stepherson, WR: Freshman was listed as a second unit WR.
Te'Von Coney, LB: Listed as a starter
Devin Williams, RB: Not on the 2 deep, but was expected to play plentiful minutes in a RB rotation.

In short, These two situations will likely effect depth for the Irish heading into their game against Texas in two weeks. Redfield would at the very least play in package situations in the secondary, while losing Coney at LB will alter competition there. Williams was expected to provide an extra body for the run game, but a third member of a RB committee is the easiest to lose. Stepherson, who is a freshman, was going to add depth at WR, but now that unit gets even more inexperienced in his absence. White and Butler were the two most disposable players involved in these arrests, but their roles really remain to be seen if they return.
One thing to remember is that no discipline has been levied by Notre Dame, but one has to believe that there will be some kind of punishment ranging all over the field of ability. These arrests were damaging, but it could have been far worse, and now one has to wonder what is going on at Notre Dame, a school who rarly ever had issues like this, and now it seems to be an increasing problem under Brian Kelly.
We will have to wait and see how this sorts out, but the bottom line is that none of this is good for the brand.

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