Monday, August 29, 2016

College Football 2016: Week One Picks Against the Spread

I only anticipated picking ten games against the spread in week one of the 2016 college football season, but there were too many interesting lines to pick from. Here are my picks for the first full week of games:

Favored Points  Dogs My Pick
Wake Forest 17  Tulane Tulane
Vanderbilt 4.5  South Carolina SCAR
Stanford 15  Kansas State KSU
Michigan 40.5  Hawaii HAW
Penn State 22  Kent State PSU
Kentucky  6.5  Southern Miss USM
Arkansas 26   Louisiana Tech TECH
Clemson 7.5  Auburn CLEM
Texas A&M  3  UCLA TAM
Tulsa 5  San Jose State TULSA
LSU 10  Wisconsin WISC
Georgia 3  North Carolina UNC
Alabama 11  USC BAMA
Boise State 20  UL-Lafayette BOISE
Arizona 1.5  BYU ZONA
Northern Illinois 10  Wyoming NIU
Notre Dame 3.5  Texas ND
Florida State 4.5  Ole Miss FSU
Indiana  9  FIU IU
Louisville 39.5  Charlotte Louisville
Georgia Tech 3  Boston College GT
Northwestern 5.5  Western Michigan WMU
UTEP 9.5  New Mexico State UTEP
SMU 9.5  North Texas SMU

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