Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tate Martell Saga at Texas A&M Lays at Feet of Noel Mazzone

By now, most of you have heard about the meltdown of Texas A&M WR Coach Aaron Moorehead after the decommitment of 5 Star QB recruit Tate Martell (Class of 2017, Bihop Gorman HS, Las Vegas). The meltdown on Twitter also cost the commitments of WRs Manny Netherly and Tyjon Lindsey within moments. Watching it real time was like watching a slow nuclear reactor go on full meltdown, and I was fortunate to watch it in real time the evening this all happened.
As it turns out, the lost recruits this week were the fault of Moorhead, and the losses may not be over yet, but the loss of Martell has been ongoing since January, according to a report from SB Nation

and the reason for the departure was a lack of hospitality and bad treatment from none other than one of my favorite foibles, former UCLA and current Texas A&M OC Noel Mazzone.

According to the report, on a recent visit to College Station, Mazzone gave the Martell's (Tate and his Father) nothing but the cold shoulder during the entire visit. At one point, Mazzone was five feet from Martell's Father, and would not even acknowledge him. This is obviously a different vibe than what the Martell's received at other visits to other schools, and probably differs a great deal from even the treatment that was received from former Aggie and current California OC Jake Spavital, as it was Spavital who had been recruiting Martell heavily for the the Aggies.

This was also not the first time that Mazzone had iced out the Martell's on a visit to College Station. According to the report, the Martell's had visited A&M in January, not two weeks after Mazzone was hired, and Mazzone was less than warm and fuzzy on that trip as well, causing concern. Mr. Martell figured, at the time, that Mazzone had only been on campus for 10 days, and he likely just needed to get his bearings straight, hence the lack of hospitality on campus. As it turns out, that was not really the case at all.

Rumors are swirling that Mazzone doesn't like Martell's height (he is under six feet), and he prefers bigger QBs, but even if that were true, handling a prospective recruit and his Father in a manner such as this is unheard of, and could lead to another round of exodus for the class of 2017. If this happens, it could very well lead to Mazzone, Moorhead, and Sumlin all ending up unemployed sooner rather than later, as Sumlin is on one of the hottest seats in the nation. That heat just raised by several magnitudes.

More on this story as it becomes available...

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