Sunday, May 29, 2016

California Golden Bears 2016 Schedule Breakdown

We begin a new schedule breakdown tour in the PAC-12 with the Cal Bears:

8/27 Hawaii (at Sydney)
9/16 at San Diego State
9/17 Texas
9/24 at Arizona State
10/1 Utah
10/8 at Oregon State
10/21 Oregon
10/27 at USC
11/5 Washington
11/12 at Washington State
11/19 Stanford
11/26 UCLA

Notes: The Bears are playing a very odd game against Hawaii in August in Australia. This makes no sense to me, but that is OK, as I see Cal getting the win on the other side of the world.
Cal should beat San Diego State, and could get a win over Texas at home in one of the latest home openers in the nation. I see Cal also beating Arizona State to end the month. Cal should head into October at 4-0.
Cal could stumble hard in October, as I see losses to Utah, Oregon, and USC, while I still see a win over Oregon State. Cal would still be 5-3, but show signs of stumbling heading into November.
Cal could stumble the hardest in November, with the only projected win I see being against Washington, and that is a toss up, really. I give the Bears the home edge. I see losses to Washington State, Stanford, and UCLA to finish up the season.
Overall Projected Record: 6-6

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