Sunday, April 17, 2016

U Conn Huskies 2016 Football Schedule

Here is a look at the U Conn 2016 football schedule...

9/1 Maine
9/10 at Navy
9/17 Virginia
9/24 Syracuse
9/29 at Houston
10/8 Cincinnati
10/15 at USF
10/22 UCF
10/29 at East Carolina
11/4 Temple
11/19 at Boston College
11/26 Tulane

Notes: The September schedule is rather ambiguous, as U Conn will be heavily favored to beat Maine, will be underdogs to Navy and Houston, and could be favored against Virginia and Syracuse, but they could also end up dogs against the Cavaliers and Orange....U Conn opens with 3 of 5 at home, and closes with 3 of 5 at home as well...The schedule sets up for a strong finish if U Conn can get their offense together for that run...In short, U Conn is a team in flux, and could go either way, making projecting their schedule a bit difficult.
Overall Projected Record: 5-7

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