Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015 All-Bilo Division 2 Players of the Year

Here are the winners for our All-Bilo Players of the Year for the 2015 season in Division 2 football:

QB-Brent Wilson, Emporia State
RB-Ja'Quan Gardner, Humboldt State
WR-Jon Schnaars, East Stroudsburg
TE-Cole Spurgeon, Colorado Mines
DL-Justin Zimmer, Ferris State
LB-Austin Jacques, Johnson C. Smith
DB-Carlo Thomas, Johnson C. Smith
PK-Cole Tracy, Assumption
P-Zach Cimaglia, Adams State

Head Coach of the Year-Adam Dorrell, Northwest Missouri State

Congratulations to all of our recipients, and especially to Coach Adam Dorrell, now a two time winner of this award!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 All-Bilo FCS Coach of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Coach of the Year are:

Chris Klieman, North Dakota State
Mike Houston, Citadel
Jamey Chadwell, Charleston Southern
John Grass, Jacksonville State

And the winner is...

Chris Klieman, North Dakota State
Who could doubt that this award would be given to Klieman, who's Bison just wrapped up their 5th consecutive FCS national title. NDSU looked in doubt somewhat when they in the final 12 seconds in the season opener against Montana on the road, and they had several injury issues with QB Carson Wentz. NDSU overcame those obstacles, and went on to an unprecedented 5th consecutive title, keeping NDSU in the circel of the all-time elite programs on any level. Congratulations to Coach Klieman for another amazing season.

2015 All-Bilo FCS Place Kicker and Punter of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Place Kicker of the Year Award are:

Lance Geesey, St. Francis
Jace Denker, Central Arkansas
Anthony Pistelli, Samford
Zak Kennedy, Youngstown State
Nick Dorka, William & Mary

And the winner is...

Lance Geesey, St. Francis

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo Punter of the year are:

Ben LeCompte, North Dakota State
Alex Knight, SE Missouri State
Keith Wrzuszczak, Eastern Kentucky
Ryan Hawkins, Northern Arizona
Ian Berryman, Western Carolina

And the winner is...

Alex Knight, Southeast Missouri State

Congratulations to both Lance and Alex, and to their respective programs!

2015 All-Bilo FCS Defensive Back of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Defensive Back of the Year Award are:

Justin Grier, Morehead State
Patrick Onwuasor, Portland State
David Jones, Richmond
Marquis Green, Mississippi Valley State
Cameron Stubbs Dayton
CJ Smith, North Dakota State
Ettian Scott, Georgetown
Jevon Elmore, C. Conn. State
Maleek Hall, Tennessee Tech
Daquan Minter, St. Francis
Taylor Reynolds, James Madison

And the winner is...

Justin Grier, Morehead State
Grier finished with 55 tackles on the season, adding a nation leading 9 picks, 9 pass breakups, and a blocked kick. Congratulations to Justin and to the Morehead State Eagles, who finished the season by winning five of their final six games.

2015 All-Bilo FCS Linebacker of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Linebacker of the Year Award are:

Dylan Weigel, East Tennessee State
Deon King, Norfolk State
Andrew Ankrah, James Madison
Christian Kuntz, Duquesne
Mac Bignell, Montana State

And the winner is...

Christian Kuntz, Duquesne
Kuntz finished with 76 total tackles in 2015, and added 26.5 TFLs, 11 sacks, 4 picks, 6 pass breakups, defended 10 passes, and 6 QB hurries. Congratulations to him for a fantastic 2015 season!

Todd Monken Leaves Southern Miss

Southern Mississippi Head Coach Todd Monken resigned his position as head coach today to join Dirk Koetter's staff with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receiver. Southern Miss will begin an immediate search for their next head coach, and expect to have one named by next weekend. They are calling it a true national search for a head coach, but one cannot think that an internal candidate wouldn't be immediately available, such as Defensive Coordinator David Duggan. Offensive Coordinator Chip Lindsey had already departed for Arizona State.
We will post word on the replacement coach as soon as we start hearing things.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2015 All-Bilo FCS Defensive Lineman of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Defensive Lineman of the Year are:

Javancy Jones, Jackson State
Gabe Sherrod, Delaware State
Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky
Javon Hargrave, South Carolina State
Larance Hale, Lamar

And the winner is...

Gabe Sherrod, Delaware State
Although the Hornets did not finish the season on a high note, Sherrod wound up being one of the most talented players in the nation in FCS football, and wins our FCS Defensive Lineman of the Year Award. Sherrod finished with 64 tackles on the year, and finished with a whopping 25 TFLs. He also finished with 8 sacks, 4 QB hurries, and 2 fumble recoveries.

2015 All-Bilo FCS Tight End of the Year

The finalists for our 2015 All-Bilo Tight End of the Year Award are:

Beau Sandland, Montana State
Ben Brauneker, Harvard
Phazahn Odom, Fordham
Eric Saubert, Drake

And the winner is...

Beau Sandland, Montana State
Sandland caught 37 passes in 2015 for the Bobcats, racking up 632 yards and he led all Tight Ends in FCS football with 9 TDs on the year. He averaged 17.1 yards per catch on the season, and averaged 57.5 yards per game. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 All-Bilo FCS Wide Receiver of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Wide Receiver of the Year Award are...

Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
Jake Weineke, South Dakota State
Anthony Warrum, Illinois State
Jamaal Jones, Montana
Emannuel Butler, Northern Arizona
Josh Barge, Jacksonville State
Brendan Flaherty, Holy Cross
Chad Williams, Grambling

And the winner is...

Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
Kupp completed his junior season by catching 114 passes for 1642 yards and scored 19 times on receptions in 2015 for the Eagles. Kupp returns as one of the best available players in 2016!

2015 All-Bilo FCS Running Back of the Year

The finalists for our 2015 All-Bilo FCS Running Back of the Year are...

Kade Harrington, Lamar
Marshaun Coprich, Illinois State
Chase Edmonds, fordham
Jacobi Green, Richmond
Troymaine Pope, Jacksonville State
Tarik Cohen, North Carolina A&T

And the winner is...

Marshaun Coprich, Illinois State
Coprich was once again amongst the nation's elite at the RB position, having tallied 1967 yards rushing, while adding 23 TDs. He carried the football 321 times on the season, and wraps up his career as an Illinois State and Missouri Valley Conference All-Time great.

2015 Al-Bilo FCS Quarterback of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FCS Quarterback of the Year Award are:

KD Humphries, Murray State
Ammon Olson, Southern Utah
Peter Pujals, Holy cross
Kevin Anderson, Fordham
Case Cookus, Northern Arizona
Jordan West, Eastern Washington
Scott Hosch, Harvard
Trey Green, Prairie View

And the winner is...

Case Cookus, Northern Arizona
Cookus, a freshman, passed for 3117 yards this season, and added 37 touchdowns to just 5 picks on the season. With three years of eligibility remaining at NAU, Cookus could end up being one of the all-time greats in Big Sky history. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015 Final PRS FBS Rankings

Tuesday, January 12, 2015
Rank Points Team Record Score Opponent
1 2953 Alabama  14-1 W, 45-40 Def. Clemson 45-40
2 2928 Clemson  14-1 L, 45-40 Lost to Alabama 45-40
3 2690 Houston  13-1 W, 38-24 Def. Florida State 38-24
4 2677 Western Kentucky  12-2 W, 45-35 Def. South Florida 45-35
5 2632 Ohio State  12-1 W, 44-28 Def. Notre Dame 44-28
6 2446 Oklahoma  11-2 L, 37-17 Lost to Clemson 37-17
7 2379 Stanford  12-2 W, 45-16 Def. Iowa 45-16
8 2280 Michigan State  12-2 L, 38-0 Lost to Alabama 38-0
9 2150 Iowa  12-2 L, 45-16 Lost to Stanford 45-16
10 2120 Texas Christian  11-2 W, 47-41 3 OT's Def. Oregon 47-41 3 OT's
11 2107 Appalachian State  11-2 W, 31-29 Def. Ohio 31-29
12 1982 Toledo  10-2 W, 32-17 Def. Temple 32-17
13 1927 Bowling Green State  10-4 L, 58-27 Lost to Georgia Southern 58-27
14 1916 Baylor  10-3 W, 49-38 Def. North Carolina 49-38
15 1883 San Diego State  11-3 W, 42-7 Def. Cincinnati 42-7
16 1827 Notre Dame  10-3 L, 44-28 Lost to Ohio State 44-28
17T 1803 Michigan  10-3 W, 41-7 Def. Florida 41-7
17T 1803 North Carolina  11-3 L, 49-38 Lost to Baylor 49-38
19 1801 Navy  11-2 W, 44-28 Def. Pittsburgh 44-28
20 1742 Mississippi  10-3 W, 48-20 Def. Oklahoma State 48-20
21 1718 Wisconsin  10-3 W, 23-21 Def. Southern California 23-21
22 1706 Utah  10-3 W, 35-28 Def. Brigham Young 35-28
23 1653 Temple  10-4 L, 32-17 Lost to Toledo 32-17
24 1650 Oklahoma State  10-3 L, 48-20 Lost to Mississippi 48-20
25 1638 Marshall  10-3 W, 16-10 Def. Connecticut 16-10
26 1595 Florida State  10-3 L, 38-24 Lost to Houston 38-24
27 1547 Louisiana State  9-3 W, 56-27 Def. Texas Tech 56-27
28 1466 Georgia  10-3 W, 24-17 Def. Penn State 24-17
29 1451 Boise State  9-4 W, 55-7 Def. Northern Illinois 55-7
30 1444 Florida  10-4 L, 41-7 Lost to Michigan 41-7
31 1376 Memphis  9-4 L, 31-10 Lost to Auburn 31-10
32 1344 Georgia Southern  9-4 W, 58-27 Def. Bowling Green State 58-27
33 1327 Arkansas State  9-3 L, 47-28 Lost to Louisiana Tech 47-28
34 1315 Louisiana Tech  9-4 W, 47-28 Def. Arkansas State 47-28
35 1308 Southern Mississippi  9-5 L, 44-31 Lost to Washington 44-31
36 1299 Tennessee  9-4 W, 45-6 Def. Northwestern 45-6
37 1275 Northwestern  10-2 L, 45-6 Lost to Tennessee 45-6
38 1269 Oregon  9-3 L, 47-41 3 OT's Lost to Texas Christian 47-41 3 OT's
39 1259 Brigham Young  9-4 L, 35-28 Lost to Utah 35-28
40 1258 Washington State  9-4 W, 20-14 Def. Miami (FL) 20-14
41 1230 Mississippi State  9-4 W, 51-28 Def. North Carolina State 51-28
42 1050 UCLA  8-5 L, 37-29 Lost to Nebraska 37-29
43 940 Southern California  8-6 L, 23-21 Lost to Wisconsin 23-21
44 925 South Florida  8-5 L, 45-35 Lost to Western Kentucky 45-35
45 916 Western Michigan  8-5 W, 45-31 Def. Middle Tennessee State 45-31
46 914 California  7-5 W, 55-36 Def. Air Force 55-36
47 873 West Virginia  8-5 W, 43-42 Def. Arizona State 43-42
48 849 Arkansas  8-5 W, 45-23 Def. Kansas State 45-23
49 835 Duke  8-5 W, 44-41 OT Def. Indiana 44-41 OT
50 787 Louisville  8-5 W, 27-21 Def. Texas A&M 27-21
51 776 Air Force  8-5 L, 55-36 Lost to California 55-36
52 775 Texas A&M  8-5 L, 27-21 Lost to Louisville 27-21
53 752 Ohio  8-5 L, 31-29 Lost to Appalachian State 31-29
54 750 Pittsburgh  8-5 L, 44-28 Lost to Navy 44-28
55 711 Miami (FL)   8-5 L, 20-14 Lost to Washington State 20-14
56 691 Akron  8-5 W, 23-21 Def. Utah State 23-21
57 617 Northern Illinois  8-6 L, 55-7 Lost to vs.Boise State 55-7
58 596 Texas Tech  7-5 L, 56-27 Lost to Louisiana State 56-27
59 543 North Carolina State  7-6 L, 51-28 Lost to Mississippi State 51-28
60 518 Middle Tennessee State  7-6 L, 45-31 Lost to Western Michgian 45-31
61 503 Washington  7-6 W, 44-31 Def. Southern Mississippi 44-31
62 480 Arizona  7-6 W, 45-37 Def. New Mexico 45-37
63 473 Cincinnati  7-6 L, 42-7 Lost to San Diego State 42-7
64 472 Virginia Tech  7-6 W, 55-52 Def. Tulsa 55-52
65 468 Penn State  7-6 L, 24-17 Lost to Georgia 24-17
66 443 New Mexico  7-6 L, 45-37 Lost to Arizona 45-37
67 405 Central Michigan  7-6 L, 21-14 Lost to Minnesota 21-14
68 401 Colorado State  7-6 L, 28-23 Lost to Nevada-Reno 28-23
69 352 Nevada-Reno  7-6 W, 28-23 Def. Colorado State 28-23
70 349 Auburn  7-6 W, 31-10 Def. Memphis 31-10
71 298 Tulsa  6-7 L, 55-52 Lost to Virginia Tech 55-52
72 292 Nebraska  6-7 W, 37-29 Def. UCLA 37-29
73 94 Utah State  6-7 L, 23-21 Lost to Akron 23-21
74 93 Georgia State  6-7 L, 27-16 Lost to San Jose State 27-16
75 80 Arizona State  6-7 L, 43-42 Lost to West Virginia 43-42
76 63 Indiana  6-7 L, 44-41 OT Lost to Duke 44-41 OT
77 57 Minnesota  6-7 W, 21-14 Def. Central Michigan 21-14
78 30 San Jose State  6-7 W, 27-16 Def. Georgia State 27-16
79 -15 Kansas State  6-7 L, 45-23 Lost to Arkansas 45-23
80 -80 Texas  5-7   Season Over
81 -127 Connecticut  6-7 L, 16-10 Lost to Marshall 16-10
82 -182 East Carolina  5-7   Season Over
83 -238 Florida International  5-7   Season Over
84 -242 Buffalo  5-7   Season Over
85 -279 Illinois  5-7   Season Over
86 -337 Virginia  4-8   Season Over
87 -360 Rice  5-7   Season Over
88 -371 Kentucky  5-7   Season Over
89 -376 Texas-El Paso  5-7   Season Over
90 -380 South Alabama  5-7   Season Over
91 -398 Missouri  5-7   Season Over
92 -421 Old Dominion  5-7   Season Over
93 -513 Troy  4-8   Season Over
94 -642 Louisiana-Lafayette  4-8   Season Over
95 -665 Syracuse  4-8   Season Over
96 -668 Idaho  4-8   Season Over
97 -732 Rutgers  4-8   Season Over
98 -765 Colorado  4-9   Season Over
99 -785 Vanderbilt  4-8   Season Over
100 -855 Florida Atlantic  3-9   Season Over
101 -876 New Mexico State  3-9   Season Over
102 -895 Massachusetts  3-9   Season Over
103 -913 Texas-San Antonio  3-9   Season Over
104 -936 Georgia Tech  3-9   Season Over
105 -998 Nevada-Las Vegas  3-9   Season Over
106 -1004 South Carolina  3-9   Season Over
107 -1023 Iowa State  3-9   Season Over
108 -1097 Texas State  3-9   Season Over
109 -1118 Wake Forest  3-9   Season Over
110 -1121 Maryland  3-9   Season Over
111 -1124 Ball State   3-9   Season Over
112 -1157 Fresno State  3-9   Season Over
113 -1180 Miami (OH)  3-9   Season Over
114 -1201 Tulane  3-9   Season Over
115 -1237 Kent State  3-9   Season Over
116 -1271 Boston College  3-9   Season Over
117 -1338 Army  2-10   Season Over
118 -1442 Southern Methodist  2-10   Season Over
119 -1446 Wyoming  2-10   Season Over
120 -1452 Hawaii  3-10   Season Over
121 -1494 Purdue  2-10   Season Over
122 -1564 Oregon State  2-10   Season Over
123 -1599 Charlotte  2-10   Season Over
124 -1626 Louisiana-Monroe  2-11   Season Over
125 -1645 Eastern Michigan  1-11   Season Over
126 -1931 North Texas  1-11   Season Over
127 -2308 Central Florida  0-12   Season Over
128 -2437 Kansas  0-12   Season Over

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 All-Bilo FBS Coach of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Coach of the Year Award are:

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma
Jim Harbaugh, Michigan
Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
Dabo Swinney, Clemson
Nick Saban, Alabama

And the winner is...

Jim Harbaugh, Michigan
Harbaugh surged ahead of Bob Stoops and Kirk Ferentz late in the year. Harbaugh inherited an impossible situation with a disgruntled fan base at Michigan heading into the 2015 season after leading the 49ers to a heightened level of success in the NFL. Harbaugh won 10 games in his first season with the Wolverines, and fell just short of winning the Big 10 East. Things will only get better if the Wolverines can retain him moving forward, as several NFL teams could call for his services in the coming 12 to 24 months.

2015 All-Bilo FBS Punter of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo Punter of the Year Award are:

Roberto Sanchez, Hawaii
Nick O'Toole, West Virginia
Drew Kaser, Texas A&M
Tom Hackett, Utah
Cason Beatty, Florida State

And the winner is...

Tom Hackett, Utah
Hackett averaged 47.95 yards per punt in 2015, and racked up 225 yards per game on those punts on 4.7 punts per game. He averaged 47.95 per punt on 61 punts, with a total of 2925 punting yards for the season.

2015 All-Bilo FBS Placekicker of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Placekicker of the Year Award are:

Austin Rehkow, Idaho
Ross Martin, Duke
Andy Phillips, Utah

And the winner is...

Ross Martin, Duke
Martin finished with 2 FGs made per game in 2015 for the Blue Devils. He managed to connect on 26 of 30 FGs during the season, good for 86.7% on the year.

2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Back of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Back of the Year Award are:

Shawun Lurry, Northern Illinois
Desmond King, Iowa
Jamar Summers, U Conn
Latrell Gibbs, Appalachian State
Damontae Kazee, San Diego State
Zach Sanchez, Oklahoma
William Jackson III, Houston
Jourdan Lewis, Michigan
Rashard Fant, Indiana
Boise Ross, Buffalo

And the winner is...

Damontae Kazee, San Diego State
Kazee had a fantastic season for the Aztecs in 2015, recording 8 picks, 75 tackles, 5.5 TFLs, 7 pass breakups, and also forced 2 fumbles on the season as a junior.

2015 All-Bilo FBS Linebacker of the Year Award

The Finalists for the 2015 ALl-Bilo FBS Linebacker of the Year Award are:

Devonte Fields, Louisville
Antonio Longino, Arizona State
Anthony Walker, Northwestern
Salamo Fiso, Arizona State
Jatavis Brown, Akron
Elandon Roberts, Houston
Tyler Matekavich, Temple
Kentrell Brothers, Missouri
Nick Vigil, Utah State
Blake Martinez, Stanford

And the Winner is...

Elandon Roberts, Houston
Roberts was a beast for the resurgent Cougars in 2015, recording 142 tackles (88 solo), 19 TFLs, 6 sacks, and he added 8 QB hurries, 5 pass breakups, and forced 2 fumbles. Roberts finished his career on a high note as a Cougar, and should get plentiful looks in the upcoming draft for production value alone.

2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Lineman of the Year

Here are our finalists for 2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Lineman of the Year:

Carl Nassib, Penn State
Nassib, a senior, finished with 46 total tackles, recorded 19.5 TFLs, and finished with 15.5 sacks on the season for the Nittany Lions.

Ejuan Price, Pittsburgh
Price recorded 48 total tackles, returned a fumble for a touchdown, recorded 19.5 TFLs, and finished with 11.5 sacks for the Panthers.

Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
Garrett recorded 58 total tackles, 19.5 TFLs, and 12.5 sacks for the Aggies in 2015.

Shaq Lawson, Clemson
Lawson finished with 60 total tackles for the national runner up Tigers this season, and added 25.5 TFLs, and 12.5 sacks.

Bronson Kaufusi, BYU
Kaufusi finished with 63 tackles in 2015 to go with 19.5 TFLs, 10.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles for the Cougars.

Kevin Dodd, Clemson
Dodd finished with 62 tackles, 23.5 TFLs, and 12 sacks, and added 6 QB hurries this season for Clemson.

And the winners is...

Shaq Lawson, Clemson
Largely believed to be the best defensive lineman in college football in 2015, Lawson was a force to be reckoned with from day one in 2015, and nearly spearheaded the Clemson defense to a national title before the Tigers collapsed against Alabama in the national title game. Lawson, a junior, is likely to declare for the 2016 NFL draft, leaving a gaping hole up front for the Tigers in 2016.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Lineman of the Year Semifinalists

Here are our 2015 All-Bilo FBS Defensive Lineman of the Year Semifinalists:

Carl Nassib, Penn State
Trey Hendrickson, FAU
Yannick Ngakoue, Maryland
Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State
Ejuan Price, Pittsburgh
Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
Shaq Lawson, Clemson
Bronson Kaufusi, BYU
Ronald Blair, Appalachian State
DeForest Buckner, Oregon
Ian Seau, Nevada
Kevin Dodd, Clemson

The winner will be named tomorrow night!

2015 All-Bilo FBS Tight End of the Year Award

Here are our finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Tight End of the Year Award:

Ryan Yurachek, Marshall
Yurachek caught 44 passes for the Thundering Herd in 2015 for 417 yards and 9 TDs, while averaging 9.48 yards per catch.

Tyler Higbee, Western Kentucky
Higbee caught 38 passes for 563 yards on the season, while scoring 8 TDs and averaged 14.82 yards per catch on the season, and was a huge component in the Hilltopper passing game for All-Bilo QB of the Year Brandon Doughty.

Gerald Everett, South Alabama
Everett had a huge season for the Jaguars, catching 41 passes for 525 yards and 8 TDs. He averaged 14.02 yards per completion, and was a primary weapon for the Jags all season.

And the Winner is...

Tyler Higbee, Western Kentucky
Higbee beat out Gerald Everett by a narrow margin this season to win our award for best Tight End in FBS football for the 2015 campaign.
Higbee was a primary weapon in close wuarters for award winning QB Brandon Doughty, and gives the Hilltoppers two All-Bilo awards in 2015!
Congrats to Tyler and to the Western Kentucky University Program!

2015 All-Bilo FBS Tight End of the Year Semifinalists

And here are our semifinalists for the 2015 All-Bilo TE of the Year Award:

Tyler Higbee, Western Kentucky
Jerome Lane, Akron
Gerald Everett, South Alabama
Ryan Yurachek, Marshall
Jordan Leggett, Clemson

Coming up next, our Finalists and the winner!

2015 All-Bilo FBS Wide Receiver of the Year

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Wide Receiver of the Year are...

Daniel Braverman, Western Michigan
Braveran had a huge season for the Broncos in 2015, catching 108 passes (2nd) for 1371 yards (8th). He averaged 12.69 yards per grab and managed 13 TDs on the season. He averaged 8.3 receptions per game, and 105.5 yards per game.

Keyarris Garrett, Tulsa
Garrett finished with 96 receptions for the Golden Hurricanes and led the nation with 1588 yards on a 16.54 yards per catch average. He finished with 8 TDs receiving on 7.4 receptions per game, and led the country with a 122.2 yards per game average.

Mike Thomas, Southern Mississippi
Thomas finished with 71 receptions on the season, and turned those grabs into 1391 yards, good for 107 yards per game for the resurgent Golden Eagles. Thomas finished tied for 5th with 14 receiving TDs and averaged 19.59 yards per grab on the season.Thomas added 311 yards as a kick return man, averaging 20.73 yards per return.

Corey Coleman, Baylor
Coleman led the nation for the Bears with 20 TDs on the season receiving. Had it not been for the ravaged QB position getting wrecked with injuries, he may have had more than that by the season was through. Coleman caught 74 passes for 1363 yards and averaged 18.42 yards per grab for the Bears, and finished with 113.6 yards per game.

And the winner is...

Corey Coleman, Baylor
Coleman's 20 TDs on the season were an astounding number, and his ability to stretch the field was a measure of success that afforded the Bears passing game to be effective, even when heinous injuries set in. Coleman has closed out his Baylor career, as he has declared for the NFL draft.
Congratulations to Corey and to the Baylor University program!

2015 All-Bilo FBS Running Back of the Year Award

The finalists for the 2015 All-Bilo FBS Running Back of the Year Award are:

Leonard Fournette, LSU
Fournette's torrid early season pace was bound to slow down somewhat, but at times, I had not seen a running back in college football play like he had since Bo Jackson at Auburn in the mid-80s. Fournette finished the season with 300 carries (5th) for 1953 yards (3rd). He averaged 6.51 yards every time he was handed the football on run plays, and scored 22 times on run plays (4th). His 25 carries per game ranked 3rd, and he led the nation with 162.75 yards per game on the season. He added 19 receptions for 253 yards and one score.

Derrick Henry, Alabama
Henry won the Heisman Trophy, but that is no lock for this award, and does not go into consideration. Henry did lead the nation with 395 carries, and rushed for 2219 yards, also a national best, and scored 28 rushing TDs (1st). He averaged 26.33 carries per game (2nd) and averaged 147.93 yards per game (2nd). Henry was not a receiving threat after having caught just 11 passes for 91 yards on the season.

Christian McCaffery, Stanford
McCaffery was the best Stanford back since Toby Gerhart took his talents to the NFL. He rushed for 2019 yards (2nd) on 337 carries (2nd), and averaged 5.99 yards per carry on the year. He rushed for just 8 TDs on the season, averaged 24.07 carries per game, and 144.21 yards per game, He added 45 receptions for 645 yards and 5 TDs, including a 75 yard reception to open scoring in the Rose Bowl, and added an additional 1070 yards on kick returns this season, giving him over 3000 total yards for the year, breaking the all-time all-purpose yardage record of Oklahoma State's Barry Sanders.

And the winner is...

Christian McCaffery, Stanford
The only thing holding McCaffery back from winning the Heisman was SEC bias and the several 10:30 EST kickoffs that killed east coast viewing. Most of the nation never got an eye full of McCaffery until the clinic he put on at the Rose Bowl in the crushing win over Iowa, where he once again broke several long standing records in that win. McCaffery should be the odds on favorite for the award in 2016.
Congratulations to Christian, and to Stanford University for winning this award!

2015 All-Bilo FBS Quarterback of the Year Award

Here are the finalists for our 2015 FBS All-Bilo Quarterback of the Year:

Matt Johnson, Bowling Green
Johnson finished the season passing for 4946 yards, 46 TDs and just 8 picks on the year for the Falcons. He ranked 3rd nationally in both passing attempts and completions, and completed 67.8% of his passes on the year. He finished with a 164.19 passer rating while attempting 40.6 passes per game, and finished with 353.3 yards passing per game.

Brandon Doughty, Western Kentucky
Doughty finished an amazing career at WKU, as he attempted 540 passes on the season (4th), completed 388 of them (2nd) for a completion percentage of 71.9 (1st). Doughty led all national passers with 5055 yards and managed 9.4 yards per attempt (2nd). His 48 TDs also led the nation, and he tossed just 9 picks on the season. His passer rating was 179.09 (1st), while attempting just 38.6 passes per game this season. Doughty finished 3rd with 361.1 yards per game nationally.

Jared Goff, California
Goff became the first ever passer from Cal to make it this far for this award. He completed his career after declaring for the NFL draft after his junior season by attempting 529 passes (6th) and completing 341 of them (5th). His completion percentage finished at 64.5%, one of the few categories he did not finish in the top ten in. Goff finished with 4719 yards passing (3rd), averaging 8.9 yards per attempt on the season (10th). Goff finished with 43 TDs (3rd) to 13 picks on the season in 13 games. He finished with a 161.32 passer rating (9th) and averaged 40.7 pass attempts per game (4th). His 363 yards passing per game finished 2nd nationally behind Luke Falk of Washington State.

And the Winner is...

Brandon Doughty, Western Kentucky
Of the all of the Semi-Finalists, or QBs nominated for this award in 2015, Doughty led with a total of 9 top ten categories in FBS passing statistics, making him the winner of this award for 2015. Congratulations to Brandon, and to the Western Kentucky program!