Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some Think Les Miles Is Coaching For His Job, Which Is Insane

What is going on in 2015? Last week I wrote about how there is a segment of the fan base at UTSA that is interested in pushing OC Kevin Brown and HC Larry Coker out the door. This week, we are saddled by an insane question floating around the media as to whether or not Les Miles is coaching for his job this weekend against Ole Miss. That has to be one of the most ridiculous assessments to date, and actually supersedes what happened last week.
LSU has got to be one of the best overall programs in the nation. Of course, it was Nick Saban that got it there before he left for the Miami Dolphins, but it has been Les Miles keeping the program at a high level ever since. His overall record (between Oklahoma State and LSU) is 138-52, with 8 wins (twice) serving as his worst seasons to date at LSU.
He has taken the Tigers to two national title games, going 1-1 in the process. The Tigers have losses to Alabama and Arkansas this season (both obviously have winning records, and overall, played one of the toughest schedules nationally. Their worst game this season was slated to be against McNeese State, and that game was cancelled.
The question now has to be what would LSU possibly have to gain by firing Miles? One could say that he has lost three of his last four bowls and the last title game appearance was during the BCS era in 2011, but that in and of itself is a lame argument. Bo Schembechler, largely believed to be one of the all-time greats, had a career record of 234-65-8, and won 75% of his games, but was still just 5-12 in bowls for his career. He is in the College Football Hall of Fame.
Want to look at another legend in comparison? Try Ohio State's Woody Hayes. Woody  ran up a record of 205-61-10, which is a success rate at 76%, and went just 5-6 in bowls. Again, he attained legend status. Woody won two national titles in 27 years at Ohio State...TWO!
Miles has talent on this football team, but the one knock that I do have for him is that he does not have a QB that can win games on his own in Brandon Harris, and when teams have stacked up to stop Leonard Fournette, they have largely been successful. If you want to blame anyone, blame Cam Cameron, one of the most overrated OCs in the history of the game, both pro and college.
The issues that LSU is having now can be fixed in short order. The Tigers are still one of the best programs in college football, and to call out Miles at this point is an absurdity. If they were struggling while playing in the SEC East, it would be one thing. They are in the west, where he has to go against guys like Nick Saban, Hugh Freeze, Dan Mullen, and Kevin Sumlin from week to week. That's not easy, nor is it probably fun for him.
One other thing to consider is that Michigan has come calling to bring Miles back to where it all began for him twice. He said no both times out of loyalty to the LSU program, even though all probability points to the fact that he probably should have left each time.
There is no better option for LSU than Miles right now, and if you don't believe me, stop and think about Garry DiNardo. Maybe that will straighten those who question Miles right back up again.

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