Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: SEC

Southeastern Conference

Final Scores
Alabama 56, Charleston Southern 6
Florida 20, FAU 14 (OT)
Mississippi 38, LSU 17
Citadel 23, South Carolina 22
Auburn 56, Idaho 34
Georgia 23, Georgia Southern 17 (OT)
Mississippi State 51, Arkansas 50
Tennessee 19, Missouri 8
Kentucky 58, Charlotte 10
Texas A&M 25, Vanderbilt 0

It's Half Settled
Florida, despite being probably one of the worst divisional winners in college football history, has had the East locked up for 2 weeks. Of course, that speaks to how bad the division is, and let me tell you, it is freaking awful. Florida was driven to OT by a terrible FAU club, and had beaten Vanderbilt in a 9-6 game that everyone treated like a Super Bowl win after the kicker actually hit a kick to win the game, because that was a miracle in and of itself. That was followed by a loss by South Carolina to the Citadel yesterday in a situation that breaks down all mental barriers and leaves us all just shaking our heads wondering how the Gamecocks got this bad so quickly. Then Georgia was driven to OT by Georgia Southern, which I basically warned everyone to the degree that the situation could happen earlier in the week. Yes, the East is as bad as it gets, and may be the worst division in Power Five football, including the ACC Coastal.
Alabama still needs to beat Auburn to get to the SEC title game, and in a normal world, that should not be an issue. The Tide should be seriously embarrassed by scheduling Charleston Southern in the next to last regular season game, but that's a thing for another day. If Alabama loses to Auburn, and Ole Miss beats Mississippi State, the Rebels could come back to steal the SEC title, and if that happens, even though hell may freeze over, the SEC could be left out of the playoffs.

*Standings provided by

Alabama6-110-13851597-13-0Won 8
Ole Miss5-28-34452476-12-2Won 1
Mississippi State4-38-33692364-24-1Won 1
Texas A&M4-38-33332406-22-1Won 2
LSU4-37-33192574-13-2Lost 3
Arkansas4-36-53943303-43-1Lost 1
Auburn2-56-53132994-32-2Won 1
Florida7-110-13011596-04-1Won 4
Georgia5-38-33051966-22-1Won 3
Tennessee4-37-43592265-22-2Won 4
Vanderbilt2-54-71541993-31-4Lost 1
Kentucky2-65-62722914-31-3Won 1
Missouri1-65-61601664-31-3Lost 1
South Carolina1-73-82312933-40-4Lost 4

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