Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: PAC-12

PAC-12 Conference

Final Scores
Stanford 35, California 22
UCLA 17, USC 9
Oregon 48, USC 28
Arizona State 52, Arizona 37
Washington 52, Oregon State 7
Washington State 27, Colorado 3

It's Half Settled
With Stanford's win over California last night, the Cardinal won the North and placed themselves into the PAC-12 title game against the winner between UCLA and USC.
The Bruins eliminated Utah in the South with a rousing defensive performance that kept the Utes out of the end zone. USC on the other hand was at the bad end of a 20 point beating by Oregon, and will be reeling heading into the crosstown championship at the Coliseum against the Bruins next week. UCLA has beaten the Trojans three years running.

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Stanford8-19-24052425-14-1Won 1
Oregon6-28-34663994-24-1Won 5
Washington State6-28-33793014-24-1Won 3
California3-56-53903174-12-4Lost 1
Washington3-55-63092033-32-3Won 1
Oregon State0-82-91863922-40-5Lost 8
UCLA5-38-33692614-24-1Won 1
Utah5-38-33432485-13-2Lost 2
USC5-37-43922754-23-2Lost 1
Arizona State4-46-53623445-21-3Won 2
Arizona3-66-64414284-22-4Lost 1
Colorado1-74-83063372-42-4Lost 4

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