Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: MAC

Mid American Conference

Final Scores
Toledo 44, Bowling Green 28
Ohio 48, Ball State 31
Central Michigan 27, Kent State 14
Northern Illinois 27, Western Michigan 19
Miami (Ohio) 20, U Mass 13
Akron 42, Buffalo 21

It's Half Settled
Bowling Green has won the East, but somehow felt it was ok to lay down for Toledo last week in a 16 point loss that was kind of shameful. BGSU obviously did not want to give too much away in case they played Toledo in the MAC title game, but that is lazy coaching.
The West is still a two team race heading into the final week of the season. Northern Illinois and Toledo are tied at the top, but NIU has already beaten the Rockets, so they currently have the edge. If the Huskies beat Ohio at home, they win the West. If they should fall, Toledo could claim the West by beating Western Michigan at home.
Western Michigan is basically out at this point, as even if they beat Toledo and NIU should fall to Ohio, WMU has already lost to NIU and would lose out to the Huskies.
Central Michigan is in the same boat. They beat NIU this season, but fell to Toledo, and so even if both NIU and Toledo were to lose, CMU would still lose in a tie breaker.

*Standings provided by

Toledo6-19-13581974-15-0Won 2
Northern Illinois6-18-33942725-03-3Won 6
Central Michigan5-26-52872373-23-3Won 1
Western Michigan5-26-53883074-22-3Lost 2
Ball State2-53-82673822-31-5Lost 2
Eastern Michigan0-71-102774700-61-4Lost 9
Bowling Green6-18-34823233-25-1Lost 1
Ohio4-37-43032775-12-3Won 2
Akron4-36-52682582-34-2Won 3
Buffalo3-45-62943002-33-3Lost 2
Kent State2-53-81572932-41-4Lost 4
Miami (OH)2-63-92153842-41-5Won 1
Massachusetts1-62-92353511-51-4Lost 1

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