Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: Big 12

Big 12 Conference

Final Scores
Baylor 45, Oklahoma State 35
Oklahoma 30, TCU 29
West Virginia 49, Kansas 0
Kansas State 38, Iowa State 35

Nothing Is Settled
The Big 12 is still a three team race involving Oklahoma, Baylor, and Oklahoma State. We start with Baylor, as the Bears are coming off a 10 point win over Oklahoma State yesterday. Baylor needs OU to lose to Oklahoma State, and then they need to beat TCU, and the Big 12 title goes to Baylor.
For Oklahoma State, they need to beat OU next week, and also need Baylor to lose to either TCU or Texas, or both. If that scenario plays out, OSU wins the Big 12.
All Oklahoma has to do at this point is beat Oklahoma State in Stillwater next week, and the title is theirs, and that would likely vault the Sooners into the national playoffs.

*Standings provided by

Oklahoma7-110-14912266-04-1Won 6
Oklahoma State7-110-14712905-15-0Lost 1
Baylor6-19-15382795-14-0Won 1
TCU6-29-24722925-04-2Lost 1
West Virginia3-46-43462485-11-3Won 3
Texas3-44-62493014-20-4Lost 1
Texas Tech3-56-55114664-22-3Won 1
Iowa State2-63-82943623-30-5Lost 3
Kansas State1-64-62973273-31-3Won 1
Kansas0-80-111715080-60-5Lost 11

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