Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: Big 10

Big Ten Conference

Final Scores
Michigan State 17, Ohio State 14
Iowa 40, Purdue 20
Michigan 28, Penn State 16
Northwestern 13, Wisconsin 7
Indiana 47, Maryland 28
Rutgers 31, Army 21
Minnesota 32, Illinois 23

It's Half Settled
With Iowa's win over Purdue, the Hawkeyes have clinched the crown out of the West, and now await what happens in the East. Iowa is the one team largely being ignored by online playoff scenarios, but if Iowa finishes unbeaten, including a win in the Big 10 title game, the Hawkeyes would be impossible to ignore at 13-0. The Hawkeyes are a very real threat at this point.
Michigan can still win the East by beating Ohio State in combination with a Michigan State loss to Penn State Saturday.
Ohio State needs to beat Michigan and get a Michigan State loss to Penn State, while all Michigan State has to do is beat Penn State, and they meet Iowa in Indianapolis. Until that plays out, all three have a life.

*Standings provided by

Iowa7-011-03762047-04-0Won 11
Northwestern5-29-22241836-13-1Won 4
Wisconsin5-28-32941365-23-1Lost 1
Nebraska3-45-63703053-32-3Won 2
Illinois2-55-62582554-21-4Lost 2
Minnesota2-55-62502823-32-3Won 1
Purdue1-62-92653842-40-5Lost 3
Michigan State6-110-13462376-04-1Won 2
Ohio State6-110-13781556-14-0Lost 1
Michigan6-19-23541645-14-1Won 4
Penn State4-37-42682056-11-3Lost 2
Indiana1-65-63804093-42-2Won 1
Rutgers1-64-72843732-42-3Won 1
Maryland0-72-92503722-50-4Lost 8

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