Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference Title Chases: AAC

American Athletic Conference

Final Scores
East Carolina 44, UCF 7
USF 65, Cincinnati 27
Navy 44, Tulsa 21
U Conn 20, Houston 17
Temple 31, Memphis 12
SMU 49, Tulane 21

Nothing's Settled
The champion out of the west will come out of Houston next week as the Cougars take on Navy. Navy has the edge going in after knocking off Tulsa, and Houston lost to U Conn on the road. The Cougars were in a promising position a week ago, and now they absolutely must win to play for a CUSA title. Things change quickly.
Temple is holding onto a narrow one game lead over USF heading into the final week of the season, and Temple must beat U Conn, and that game suddenly isn't a sure bet after the Huskies beat Houston. If Temple fails to win, they need USF to lose to UCF, which just won't happen. It' win or go home for the Owls.

*Standings provided by

Navy7-09-13821876-03-1Won 5
Houston6-110-14522226-04-1Lost 1
Memphis4-38-34493244-14-2Lost 3
Tulsa2-55-63864293-32-3Lost 2
Tulane1-63-82023902-31-5Lost 1
Southern Methodist1-62-93334852-50-4Won 1
Temple6-19-23602224-15-1Won 1
South Florida5-27-43582505-12-3Won 3
Connecticut4-36-52102104-22-3Won 3
Cincinnati3-46-54143475-11-4Lost 1
East Carolina3-45-63132933-22-4Won 1
UCF0-70-111644080-50-6Lost 11

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