Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Conference Power Rankings: 11/24/15

Our final rankings piece of the night comes with our Conference Power Rankings using our CRI system to find the best conference in college football as it stands now, and how the rest of the conferences come together in order thereafter. The scores are a combined total for all schools in each conference by CRI score, divided by teams in said conference:

1. Southeastern Conference 105.95
2. Big Ten 91.19
3. Big 12 88.34
4. PAC-12 76.5
5. Independents 65.6
6. ACC 46.99
7. American Athletic Conference 7.82
8. MAC -45.06
9. Mountain West -62.84
10. Conference USA -68.81
11. Sun Belt -82.5

What this shows is that a conference cannot be measured by its top performers alone. It has to be measured from top to bottom, in its entirety to be truly measured against the competition. The American had a great run up top, but from the middle down, not so much. he same could be said for the Big 12, which was explosive at the top, but for most of the season only had four schools that could carry the load. The PAC-12 was much in the same boat, as overall, the conference failed to live up to pre-season hype.
At the bottom, the Sun Belt and CUSA were bottom heavy with underperformers for the most part, and therefore were the bottom two leagues. The Mountain West got a reprieve late in the season with solid winning streaks by San Diego State and Air Force, and ended with half of the membership gaining positive spins, but again, the bottom half, added to their rocky start, created a negative flow.
Stay tuned next week, as we will update the CRI Conference Power Rankings.

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