Thursday, November 12, 2015

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool: Week 11

It's time for another edition of Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool. We entered the week with ten FBS jobs open across the nation, with more to come, but that list has whittled down to nine, because as expected, Minnesota named Tracy Claeys the permanent head coach of the Gophers in the last 36 hours. Claeys will receive a deal paying him $1.4 million per season for three seasons, and I am sure there are built in extensions along the way. This was a no brainer for just about everyone to make this move.
On the other hand, there are several jobs that are still to open, and they will. The most intriguing situation is a will he or won't he thing at Purdue concerning Darrell Hazell. Read below...

We start the week out at Virginia, where it is now physically impossible for Mike London to make his quota of 8 wins in 2015 to keep his job. While the Cavaliers are technically alive for a bowl, they would have to win out their final three games to do so, and that just is not likely. Don't look for any movement until after the Virginia Tech game, but there is a high percentage chance that UVA finally moves on from London this offseason.

There is likely going to be movement at Tulane, but nobody seems to have answers with a new AD coming as to when Curtis Johnson will likely be fired, but nobody disagrees that it will happen in all likelihood. With the AD situation in flux, Johnson could potentially buy one more season, but short of a miracle, he's on borrowed time.

At Iowa State, we are on watch to figure out when Paul Rhoades coaches his final game, but it will likely be immediately after his final regular season game The fan base moved on from him in September, so it's a community watch at this point. All signs are that he is out.

An interesting situation emerged at Purdue this week, as the administration guaranteed that Darrell Hazell will return in 2016. Let me tell you that this is not some fancy vote of confidence, as the reality is that Purdue does not want to pay a $6.6 million buy out, which is what it will cost this season, compared to an also pricey $3.5 million next season. If you can save a shade over $3 million to make it work, well that's what they appear ready to do. That being said, apparently nobody told Hazell that he had a one year insurance policy, because he stated days after that news came out about his security that nobody had spoken to him about whether he was staying or not. It seems that communication isn't all that good here, and that even if Hazell does return, he will be on lame duck status.

Kyle Flood watch is ongoing at Rutgers, but again, the fan base has moved on from him, and there is plenty of talk around campus about the situation. This could be an interesting job opportunity, and should garner some decent interest, and Flood is doing the desperate campaigning that one would expect when a coach is trying to save his skin. Either way, look for resolution in the next few weeks here.

There is virtually no saving Kevin Wilson at Indiana at this point. The Hoosiers are 0-5 in Big 10 play, and it is conceivable that he is on his way out the door after another hot start followed by an ice cold finish. This was supposed to be a make or break year for Wilson, and this team is inherently broken.

Todd Berry is likely to be done at UL-Monroe at the end of the season in three weeks. The AD there stated that there would be no in season change, but never talked about after the season, and this program is in steady decline under Berry's watch. The clock is ticking on this job.

On the Verge of Swimming

If Texas State falls to Georgia State this week, look for Dennis Franchione to be in big trouble in San Marcos. He has already lost to New Mexico State, and a loss to equally hapless GSU would likely set of a chain of events that will be impossible to contain. The DC (Jon Thompson) already resigned this fall, and the rest of the roof could cave in. This game will bear watching, as will the reaction to the result. A big name hire, Franchione has never managed to set the Bobcats on a winning course.

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