Monday, November 16, 2015

As the Coaching Carousel Turns: 11/16/15

First of all, it's November 16th, which means a very happy birthday to Bill Bilo, my Dad. And since I didn't mention it back on the 8th of this month, a happy birthday to my Mom, Bonnie Bilo as well!

Now on to the business at hand...

New news out of Berkeley tonight, as California has begun official extension talks with Sonny Dykes, who will be entering his final year of his current contract in 2016. Dykes has been said to have been frustrated with the administration at Cal, and was looking to leave after this season, something he publicly denies. Keep an eye on this situation, as it is very fluid.

Hawaii has put together a search committee on campus, and it completely lacks anyone fully versed in the program. Not one former player, and only a former AD, a bunch of student committee heads, and the baseball coach. This could get messy.

One name I am putting out there at Missouri is current DC Barry Odom. It makes complete sense that Odom would get first crack to keep consistency in place, and his defenses have been very strong during his tenure. At this point, I cannot think of one reason why the job would not be his to lose right now.

A coaching hire may take a while at Illinois, as a committee has just been established to search for a new AD. Nobody on the current administrative roster seems too keen to begin a coaching search simultaneously, and so we could be looking for some time until a new coach is named, and nobody is jumping to name Bill Cubit the permanent coach. He is very much in limbo.

Fox Sports has posted a rumor stating that all current coaches have been told to stop recruiting so that the new coach can make his own moves in the recruiting field. Current staff and the AD deny these claims.

We are still waiting for possible moves regarding the following FBS jobs: Virginia, Tulane, Iowa State, Rutgers, Indiana, Kent State, and Texas State.

We would be very much surprised if Purdue goes back on their word and fires Darrell Hazell, which would force a $6.6 million buyout. That's the only thing preventing his firing at this time.

Minnesota did the right thing by name Tracy Claeys as full time head coach, thus avoiding an off season circus. They had the guy they wanted all along, and made the correct move. Missouri could do the same if they are smart about it.

Vinny Testaverde and John Vilma are on the search committee at Miami, amongst others from within the administration.

In a head scratching statement, Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien is apparently "intrigued" by the Maryland job according to several published reports, but then is said to have no interest in actually applying for the job. He has relationships with the school and the Under Armor CEO, and has been reported to be at odds with Texans ownership. Watch this situation closely.

Current open FBS jobs are as follows: Miami, UCF, Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, USC, North Texas, South Carolina, UL-Monroe, and Missouri.

This weekend will be the final full weekend of FCS football, so expect plenty of movement there by next Sunday and Monday. Only one FCS job is currently available, and that is the Jackson State job.

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